Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Need A Wall Like That.

I am on my fourth tracing.  Some day, I will actually finish this STUPID TUNIC.
It.  Will.  Happen.
Even if I have to resort to some form of supernatural power.
Preferably not involving Mexican radio.    I have a low Mexican radio tolerance.


  1. You have just reminded me why I have not embarked on any sewing projects in the, long while.

  2. Oh I feel your pain. Some days I just want to sew something, anything I can wear out of the house. g

  3. holy jesus. go guy banging the drum every third beat.

    i finished a tunic last week that drove me up a wall, i finally realized i needed a swayback adjustment... fixed, but the damn thing made me so mad it could be months before i wear it. good luck, my friend.


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