Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Best Laid Plans Of… uh…. Me.

Last week I splurged and bout five pieces of fabric from Chez Ami.  I'm making TLo's summer wardrobe (in theory) and the first pair of capri leggings I made from some Chez Ami ribbing were so nice and sewed up so well that I just had to fill in her wardrobe gaps with some more.  But despite having a "normal" income again now that the Husband has you know, a job, I still couldn't really rationalize buying more than five pieces to complete the gaps.  So I had to really agonize over what I chose.

Here's what I got:

turquoise-ribbingturquoise ribbing

pink-ribbinghot pink ribbing

stripey-interlockstripey knit

floral-poplinfloral poplin

brown-interlockbrown interlock


All well and good.


Here's what was on the top of the pile of knits when I went to put the new fabric away:

DOHbrown interlock, again


I hate everything.


  1. Apparently you don't hate brown interlock.

  2. ha! the thing is, I really DO hate brown interlock... it's the fabric I feel I "have" to buy so as to fit some things into the STUPID UNIFORM POLICY so I don't have to sew so much.

    Apparently, I have this thought every time I buy fabric from them.

  3. i love you.

    OH COME ON, my word verification is backoph!!!

  4. So, I'm laughing because I just did the EXACT. same. thing. Only with pink jersey. D'oh.

  5. Brown is a perfect good basic and TLo will need stuff made from brown interlock as long as she attends that school.

    So - while you are frustrated and not spending the 'budget' wisely - it was good investment. Now, step away from the 'puter and sew :) g

  6. Ha! I've done this. I've also bought the same issue of a magazine twice. How idiotic is that?!

  7. I do that sort of thing all the time. Just put one away and make them next year when she's outgrown the ones you make this year. Of course, I would forget and buy more next year, too.

  8. I have EIGHT YARDS of gingerbread colored handdyed batik. Why? Why? Because I must have needed it for some vital project that I can't remember now. Was I making a TENT? Eight yards?

  9. I have 4 different colors of hot pink jersey. And I never wear solids.

  10. Hmm. My mom would use it up in a New York minute. Me, I wear brown only with a gun to my head. gMarie's probably right, though... you can make lots of practical, school-approved stuff.

    My seven-year-old went to school today with her bellybutton hanging out. One of these days I'm going to get The Phone Call.

  11. Ummm been there, done that! You will find a way to use both pieces, I promise!


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