Monday, April 25, 2011

I Told You So.


I have been sewing.

custom block knit topcustom block knit top, possibly modeled by Wonder Woman wannabe


I just haven’t been photoing.


Possibly because I usually get this:

oops, timer!oops! timer.


Or this:

This Person Has Absolutely No Sense Of HumorThis Person Has Absolutely No Sense Of Humor


Or possibly this:

what do you mean, "camera settings"?what do you mean, "camera settings"?


Oonaballona, rather annoyingly, usually gets something like this:

oh my!oh my!


Or this:

no, you don't say!no, you don’t say!


Except she looks cute and adorable in hers.


I did get a perfectly reasonable shot of the cute shoes I was wearing.

Olsenboyeeven if they were hawked by the Olsen Twins

vital statistics, somewhat randomly-
pattern:  custom drafted knit shirt block (as first seen here)
alteration: reduced original side seams at hip by 4”, “twisted” neck binding, elbow-length sleeves
fabric: cheap mystery knit from Golden D’Or


  1. Wow, Beangirl has a face! (this might be the first shot of your head posted since I've been following. Heck, this might be the first piece of sewing for yourself posted since I've been following!)

    And the photos are cute. All of them. As is the tunic. One of these days I'll try them twisted neckbands.

  2. Cute tunic, and I love your outtakes. I usually also have at least 3 with children in various states of undress who run into the frame just as the timer goes off. They have some sort of paranormal sense...

  3. my goodness girlfriend - are you shrinking? I love the photos and think you look great in all of them! Love the top too. g

  4. Beangirl, I am very impressed! You should have a smug photo. Really.

  5. Sewing for yourself? Why that's practically unheard of. You should do it more often because it looks like you did a good job. I like the new top. Makes me want to run to the sewing room and cut out a t-shirt just to put that neckline on it.

  6. At last! Well done and you look great! The "camera settings" shot at least affords us a look at the twisted neck binding, which seems cool. I'm assuming this was an intentional design feature and not like anything I'd end up with, which would be just, you know, twisted by uncooperative fabric.

  7. You look great! Love the photo shoot and your tunic is a fabulous color, print and style! Let's see some more!

  8. Love the neckline! The shirt is fabulous!

    I hate playing with camera settings and timers - I've gotten more pictures of my nostrils than I care to admit. Wonder Woman poses FTW!

    Word verification: wrechr. It was so bad, it was wrechr (one step above wretched).

  9. Love the shirt - you should definitely make yourself more!!

  10. I like the top. Ya know, I'm thinking the picture of the shoes turned out well because they didn't have to run across the room from the camera for their photo...

  11. Tremendous shirt. Love everything about it! I have that same book and I definitely couldn't produce a wearable garment from it so you get extra bonus points for that.

  12. I agree - the tunic is fabulous, in fit and fabric. I can sympathise with all the tweaking it's taking to get to this point!

  13. ha- too funny! love the shoes at the end too ;)

  14. Marie-ChristineMay 2, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    I hope you're happy with your sewing, because your photography sure is the best :-)..


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