Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Which I Remember That My Hair Sucks.

So I thought I’d take pictures of the second knit top I made using the same block as before (which, by the way, is not the horrible tunic pattern I was struggling with- this block is very easy to work with since I custom-fit it last year… all I had to do this year was remove about 4” from the hip to account for the 4” I, uh, lost from my hips).

Now granted, I chose to take my pictures in the morning while my hair was still wet.  But still, I’m realizing (for about the one-thousandth time in my life) that hair is an evil, terrible, horrifying thing and human beings should all (yea! verily! all!) be bald.  Because my hair sucks.

Anyway, here’s the second version I made of the knit top.

knit-IIWonder Wo-maaaan!

This is a combination of knits I also got from Golden D’Or (I think).  They’re nicer quality than the last shirt.  I was a little worried it was going to be too Patchwork-Patti (I just made that up-- you like it, admit it) but I think the end result was ok.  I got multiple compliments on it, although that’s always a little suspect around here since we do not live in what anyone could call a Fashion Haven.

And for further proof of just how much trouble it is to get a photo, here is what else happened in the one and a half minutes I spent trying to get a decent picture.  There was this:

girls10not one person in this photo has combed their hair

and this:

timer-1“Hey, I’m taking a pict---“

Lovely.  I look like I have no neck.  I seriously did not want to post such an unflattering picture, but it was just too funny.    I wish I could have gotten a simultaneous shot of the Husband’s befuddled expression.

Regardless, this is way too many people in my personal space at 7:15 am.


Meanwhile, SHOE-OFF!

poetic license lemon cupcake shoes


  1. at first i thought you gathered The Children so that i would not attack the godawful blur that is your photos. oh, but then. but THEN. you posted the shot that i'm going to keep on my desktop whenever i need a good laugh.

    my eyes narrowed when i saw those shoes.

    those are fabulous.

    i need ammunition.

  2. (oh yeah and the top is cool too. but don't get all bigheaded about it.)

  3. Wow, TWO Beangirl tops in one week? My heart may explode with the awesomeness. As to hair, no way your hair can be worse than mine in its natural state: fine, limp, ultra-straight. Which is why I love my hairstylist almost as much as my hubby.

    I am staying far, far away from the shoe-wars. My husband already thinks I have a shoe problem (I firmly maintain that he only thinks this because he hasn't been around enough women with REAL shoe problems).

  4. Great top! Funny pics, and yes, hair is evil. (I'm slightly obsessed with people who have well-done hair. Like Tanit-Isis there. Hmmm.)

  5. In the words of another awesome blogger I know... "A.Maze.Ing."
    Thanks for posting ALL the pics, you are priceless!

  6. Love both the top and the shoes... I'm all for bald too....would add to my sleep time in the morning..

  7. ...just enjoying your post:)...

  8. Perhaps no one had combed hair, but your two assistants' shirts coordinate well with yours.

    As one who is currently in need of a cut and color I'm not going to be casting any barbs about your hair, but I do wonder how your dark-hair genes lost out to your husband's reddish-blondish hair genes.

    Oh and about the sewing, YAY!

  9. @BIJ: ha! I know, right? I was fully expecting at least ONE of my kids to have brown eyes. And here I get two with blue. However, I'm among the darkest of the dark people on both sides of my (mostly Irish and Danish) families... much of the general gene-pool at large is much fairer than me. Two of my grandparents had reddish hair and blue/green eyes. 'Course, I did get that ridiculous fish-white skin... although now that I live in Texas it's gone to hell, as you can see in the above gruesome photos.

  10. Marie-ChristineMay 2, 2011 at 3:48 AM

    Love the top, not to mention the nobody-combed shot.
    I don't think you have no neck, that's not it at all. But I see what you mean, and I think it's all down to the hair, that's right, the evil hair :-). A couple inches shorter and I think you'd be much happier with it and your neck. Or longer and up, as you wish.
    But you're still doing fine for 7:15am imho, you should see -me- at that time..

  11. Love your images! Thanks for sharing, especially the last one - I am not that confident and so I am now ur follower- will learn smth from you for sure :-)


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