Saturday, September 3, 2011

Polyvore. It’s Still Fashion-and-collage P0rn.

Last year my parents had a dinner party with a bunch of old friends. Somewhere along the line the conversation turned to shopping for purses at which point one gentleman (who shall remain nameless to protect the goofy) stated, “Well, you know: you just can’t buy a purse for under $1800.”

Apparently the look on my father’s face was spectacular. My mother had to reassure him several times in the next few days that yes, she could in fact buy a purse for less than $1800.  She’s never spent more than $400 on a purse in her life.

I’ve never spent more than $40 on a purse in my life.  I’m not much of a purse person.  I kinda knew that already, but I really figured it out this week because of Angie A

Yes, Angie A.  That villainous purveyor of tempting time-sucks wickedly reminded me that I just don’t do enough Polyvoring anymore

Oh no, don’t let the sweet dresses and kind-hearted posts fool you.   She is pure evil.

I will say that Polyvoring can be pretty instructive.  I always knew I had a hard time finding a purse I liked at the stores, but I figured I was just not trying that hard (because there’s nothing I hate more than shopping… except perhaps rugby. And cricket.  And basically all sports.)  

But no, not so!  It’s NOT because I’m a lazy shopper.  Because at Polyvore there are literally thousands of purses to peruse.  And I pretty much don’t like any of them.  So I’ve learned something.  Polyvore: it’s informative.

And Polyvoring can be pretty amusing.  As in, having proudly made the following set I rather disappointedly realized that it was basically what I wore to work that day (if I’d owned those exact pieces instead of pieces pretty much just like them).

work clothes

Exactly like my work outfit… with the glaring exception of the $2500 Gucci purse.   Not so much wearing that to work today.  Or ever.  It costs more than my car.

Which maybe explains why I can’t find a purse I like.  You know you just can’t buy a purse for under $1800.


  1. LOL! The most expensive purse I've ever bought was $25--in fact, it's the one I have right now. And I cringed at that! And I guess I'm the only person on earth that doesn't use Polyvore...

  2. Thank you countrygirlcouture, I have never heard of Polyvore.

    Back to purses, I love purses, they always fit and the really pretty ones don't hurt your feet like pretty shoes do. The most I have ever spent on a purse was $125 and I just about had a break down, it actually took me two weeks to buy her, I would go and visit it every two or three days. This was serious lust. I still have her, but she looks a little dated now and doesn't go out anymore, but I will keep her forever, I still love her.

  3. Beans, what does it say about your readership, or at least comment-leavers that none of us, me being the third, use Polyvore?

    I can appreciate a good bag, but tend to just use one that is durable, can be worn biking and can hold the unbelievable amount of stuff I need to carry with me. An expensive bag would just be a headache, I'd worry about it getting wet, getting scuffed etc.

  4. I have a love-hate relationship with purses. Well, mostly hate. I'm very picky in what I want---small, wallet-like, with a long strap., but big enough to hold my glasses and phone. Must be sturdy and go with everything. Generally what I end up with is functional but unlovely.

    I was so happy to score a new one this summer, real leather for $16, but the strap is ripping out already. ##%#!

    I don't think I've paid more than $30 for a purse, but I've gotten several from my purse-freak SIL that I think cost more than that originally.

  5. I bought my first "nice" purse last year ($120ish, as I recall). I already had about 20 $8-10 purses, as I like my purse to match my outfit. But they all LOOKED like $8-10 purses and I started to feel uncomfortable showing up to professional events with a cheap purse. I totally dig my nice purse. Now that my mindset is "purses cost over $100," I may be in trouble.

  6. HA! I never spend more than $40 either. Maybe $50, but that's only if it washes my car and does my laundry. Then it is an investment. Besides, I spill too many things to spend a lot of money on something I will ruin tomorrow. Polyvore is like crack for purse fiends, really, but then again, so is Pinterest. The "P" sites are going to get us one of these days.

  7. This is Her Evilness popping in to say...

    I should read blogs more often.


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