Friday, September 16, 2011


I don’t have heroes.  I’m pretty firm on that.  Always have been.  When I was a little kid I used to get in trouble at school because I always put “none” on papers when they asked, “Who is your hero?”   And then usually proceeded to argue about why I wasn’t going to put an answer.  One teacher actually told me to just “make something up”.   (Apparently it is beyond the scope of third grade teachers to deal with extremely cynical eight-year-olds…. finally at one point I just started putting down “President Carter”, despite having not one clue of any particular action on Mr. Carter’s part that might merit this judgment.  Which is sort of ironic actually.  If forced to pick a hero today, I’d probably say “President Carter”.)

Still, heroes or no, I’m perfectly happy to acknowledge people who have had a deep, fundamental influence on my thought-processes, whether directly or indirectly:

fashion-plate (cosmetic study x)fashion-plate (cosmetic study x) ~ 1969-1970

Richard Hamilton

24 February 1922  ~  13 September 2011


  1. Was reading about Mr Hamilton in the London Book Review today, and thought of you Beangirl. I'd love to go to a retrospecive one day, and see some of his works up close.

  2. Me too! I've only seen a few pieces here and there.


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