Thursday, November 5, 2009

Polo, onward!

I'm already sick of them. However, I will perserver... persever... holy crap! How do you spell that?

I will continue on.

When last we left our story, I had made a very odd little blue polo shirt using KwikSew 3226 and added a vast array of alterations to the pattern. I decided in retrospect that KS 3226 was not the pattern for me, so I moved on to a different one.

Here, then, is my Second Polo Shirt. Despite her many many appearances on Go Fug Yourself, I used this Hillary Duff pattern from McCalls.

I liked the looks of the line drawing for the shirt and the jacket. I thought it would work out for the Great Uniform SWAP. I should have noticed that this shirt is veeeeery narrow in the body, but I didn't.

I find that I am repeatedly fooled by the line drawings of Big 4 patterns. You'd think I'd learn my lesson, but no. This instance was no different. The body was veeeeery narrow indeed. Even The Big One, whose ribs are showing, only just fit into this shirt. TLo would never have gotten it over her head.

In any case, I followed the instructions very closely for this first shirt, which is unusual for me. I usually glance through the pattern pieces and the instructions and then decide what I'm really going to do with the pattern. This time I followed the instructions as written (mostly) and the white shirt was the result.

This is actually much cuter in person, it did not photograph well. It has cute little ruffle details on the hem and sleeve hem, which I made from some scrap yardage of white seersucker I had leftover from summer.

I wasn't very happy with the collar opening on this one, because the heaviness of the collar drags it open and the slit is very low on the chest. I did like the cut of the shirt, however. It fits Skinny Minny Big One just right (this is seriously a bad sign about the actual design of this shirt, as that child is positively scrawny).

On the to the next trial: I decided to leave off the extra frills and ruffles on my second version and I used a standard rugby placket instead of the v-neck placket from the original pattern. This is the result.

NOTE: You may think that all my shirts are horribly skewed or lopsided or something. It's actually the camera angle, these shirts really are even on both sides, I promise! I take the photos on my cutting table, which comes well past my waist (good for a cutting table, not so good for trying to take photos). I guess I should get out a stepstool or something, but instead I hold the camera waaaay over my head and then try to get the correct angle through the screen display.

You won't pretend to be surprised by this amazing display of laziness, right?

I'm really pleased with this shirt, it fits The Big One perfectly and looks quite feminine. I also made this from an old long-sleeve t-shirt that I got from my mom (I think it was from Talbot's or Neimans or some such; the fabric is very beefy and of good quality).

So that's it for tonight. I'm off to watch Flash Forward.

And yes. I have MORE polo-related things to share. Next time on The Polo Channel: All Polo, All The Time.


  1. Great polos!! I'm surprised that a Big 4 was too small. I usually end up with giant tents when I sew from Big 4 for my kids. Bleah!

  2. I probably should have mentioned that I most likely cut this a size 3 in width and a size 4 in length. In all fairness though, this is a standard alteration I make on virtually all of The Big One's clothes, because she wears a RTW size 6 in length but a RTW size 4 in width (at the most). So I think this shirt is still very narrow, which as you say is weird since usually the Big 4 are tents (and what's up with their PANTS?? They think kids wear their waistbands under their armpits? The crotch length is CRAZY long on those things. I classify them as totally unusable.)

  3. haha!! We were both perserver-ing this week!! I love that pattern! I cut it out for my Lu when she was small enough to wear the LM pattern line (which I have almost every one of...only made 2 of em??) I cut it out and never made it, of course.

    Woman, you have to email me so I can reply. You're always cracking me up. Here's mine: jemimabean at gmail dot com. I'll send you my real name one after you email me (but that one works all day, every day too. I just forget to reply using it.)

    BTW...perdhomp sounds like a country line dance. Dontcha think??

    And I'm OLD. Like 38 (although I forgot I was 37 last year and told everyone all year I was 38, so this year I think I should actually turn 38 again, since I entirely missed 37. Just to catch up.)

  4. Nice job on the polos. I especially like the ruffled one. I sew for kiddies, too, but mine are grandkiddies.

  5. You're almost inspiring me to try out some of the many polo patterns that have snuck into my pattern collection.Although I'm tempted to just mail them all to you cos I'm enjoying the All Polo channel, lol. Laziness is why I chuck my cutting mat on the floor to photogarh things. I'm too lazy to even hold the camera over my head, lol.

    BTW - I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Details will be up soon on my blog.

  6. Snort - photogarh? - photograph!

  7. I especially like the white one - gotta love a bit of a frill peeking out.

    I do stand on a chair to photograph stuff on my desk. I found that it was quicker than trying to get it straight otherwise.

  8. I like the polos! I have this pattern too....never tried the polos, I made the skirt once, and my oh my it came out so short, I added a 3" ruffle to the bottom!


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