Sunday, November 15, 2009

Polo or rugby... what's the difference?

My husband would say "The difference between tw**s and Real Men".

(You can't see it, but I'm rolling my eyes. )

Honestly though, this is the most difficult question to find an answer for on the internet. No one seems to have devoted any bandwidth to this issue. Is it really as simple as solid vs. stripe? Maybe so.

Whatever. Here's my fourth polo/rugby shirt.

This one was made using the same pattern as the last, which I wrote about in this post.

There wasn't much difference in this one, except instead of cuting it from an adult-sized t-shirt I cut it from an adult-sized polo shirt . Which meant I had an adult-sized polo collar on hand. Neato! Time to experiment with adapting a large knit collar to a smaller size pattern. I find making collars out of knits unsatisfactory for the most part. They're usually bulky and awkward. But knit collars aren't always easy to come by, especially in the right color.

So, how to make a collar smaller? I dismembered the original shirt including trimming the collar away from the neckline. After cutting out and starting construction on the new shirt, I resized the collar. In this case I decided to have the collar meet up at the edge of the placket rather than offset the way it was in the red shirt. To scale the collar to my new shirt, I measured how long I wanted it to be by pinning it to the neckline starting at the front and marking the center of the neckline on the collar. Next I drew a straight line at the center marking on the collar and added a seam allowance. I cut the collar at the seam allowance and then laid the resized piece over the remaining piece. I trimmed this to match so I had two equal pieces.

I seamed it back up with a straight stitch, pressed the heck out of it and there you have it: kid-sized collar.

The rest of the construction was as usual. Piece of cake!

Mmmm... cake.


  1. Cute! Nice work on the collar. Those premade collars are tough to find, and I've never had good luck with a self-fabric knit collar. I love those little bitty cap sleeves. They are perfect!

  2. As far as I know (which isn't far!), rugby shirts are striped, yes, but they're also looser fit, have woven collars, and I think they're long-sleeved.

    I think the generic polo shirts we think of for casual wear were sorta "made up" by Izod or such, based on actual polo shirts, to appeal to the preps of the 80s. Real polo players used to wear similar shirts but I'm pretty sure they've moved on to different tech fabrics and modern styles. Probably the same for rugby players too.

  3. Sadly, I have first-hand experience that tells me... well, more about rugby shirts than I would ever want to know. Rugby players do seem to mostly wear high-tech fabrics, but some wear more traditional... I have seen WAY more rugby games in my life than I ever EVER wanted to. Fortunately, I can't say the same about polo! I think you're right tho' about the fit, the materials and the history!

  4. It's awesome that you're able to recycle pieces!
    My take on the great rugby/polo debate is that rugby shirts have a stiffer collar, and more pointy too. How's that for eloquent?

    Big in Japan


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