Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short Fat Woman from Texas Proves Existance of Parallel Universe

There is no other explanation for the good ladies at MyShape.com thinking that this item would fit me.

And yet that is exactly what they claim, as attested to by the big giant banner that runs across my "shop" which declares "Everything in your Personal Shop™ fits you."

Alternate universe? Or serious crack problem? These are the only explainations that would allow anyone to believe I am able to fit into a pair of DKNY jeans. Trust me.

Oh, those crack-smokin' fashion ladies. They are so entertaining. When I win my Nobel Prize for proving the most important theory in quantum physics (... EVER!) I'll be happy to share the credit with them. I can wear this dress to the reception. The crack-smokin' fashion ladies think it fits me.


  1. The dress is really cute, but those jeans are ridiculous! I don't even think they would fit the heroin addict models they're designed for!

  2. Of course the fashion industry is full of lies! :) How else could they sell their products to the normal person!!! :) Very funny blog!

  3. Yeah, and I look great in ????? I can't think of anything I look great in. I get so frustrated when I go shopping, which isn't often, and everything looks like it is made for my 20 something daughters or for my 80 something mom.


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