Saturday, August 28, 2010

Polo Cubana… I think we had that for dinner last night.

You may recall that the Evil Monkeys were removed from my presence by the Grandparents for 10 days.  Or you may not.  I certainly do.  Ah, those peaceful, tidy ten days.

Now, you might think that I spent this time sewing.  Or (if you are Big In Japan) you might think I spent this time doing, you know, that stuff that grown-ups do when there are no Children of the Damned around… all over the house.  Sadly, in both instances you would be mistaken.  I am old.  I spent this blissful ten days alternating between frantic chore-doing and abject slothfulness in front of the TV.  Heavenly.

However, I did sew one thing.  And it was even for one of the Monkeys, which I think is pretty big of me, really.

‘Member how I was whining about not making any polo shirts this summer?  Well, I actually did make one polo-type shirt.  In fact, it was making this polo-type shirt that caused me to realize the true cubical nature of TLo.  Check it out. 


I used the custom block I drafted for TLo this spring.  My first version was a square-neck t-shirt so I had to alter the pattern to accommodate a collar.  I also was using an old long-sleeve shirt I got from my mom for the fabric and apparently I’d already used some of it for something else (I have not one clue what that was) so I didn’t have quite enough fabric.  Solution?  I made a yoke out of an awesomely matching poplin that I had in the stash.  Seriously.  Exactly the same color.  In the stash.

I would like to note that this almost never happens and you should be totally in awe of me.

Here’s the pattern with the original t-shirt on the left, the new yoke and collar on the right:


And here’s a close-up of the yoke and collar, which I did with knit on the top, poplin on the under-collar and no interfacing at all.


Here’s another cool thing: I didn’t have to do a real polo placket because of the seamed yoke.  Again, you should be envious of my mad dezign skillz, people.  Plus, for using a RTW shirt, so I didn’t have to hem the sleeves or the shirt hem.  Flippin’ genius. 

And if you’re wondering about TLo’s cubicalism, I think this pretty much says it all:


The nifty thing about drafting her own block is this:

First Day Of School

When you put a Cube Shirt on Cube Girl, you get a nice flattering fit.  Go figure.


(That’s a First Day Of School crown on her head.  Everyone’ll be wearing them this year.  You’re jealous, right?)


  1. Wow, that's certainly a good advertisement for drafting your own patterns!

  2. It's me, the raunchy one... ha ha ha

    I'll give you a little amazement on the matching pink from the stash, but perhaps the finest achievement of this project, is the shapely collar WITHOUT INTERFACING!!! I hate interfacing, seriously.

    Nice fit and the yoke gives it a little more interest than a standard polo, cute buttons too.

    The cube looks happy, thumbs up!

  3. Very cute! Nice drafting, too. The fit is quite good on your sweet little cube.

    Oooh, 10 whole days!! So. jealous.

  4. Oh, yes, Freakin' Awesome! Now, why didn't I think of that work-around for the polo placket ... hmmm ... Because I'm not You!

  5. Your drafting skills amaze me. T-Lo looks great in the shirt (and crown, too)!

    p.s. I'll admit it... Big in Japan is not alone in the raunchy thought dept. ;)

  6. If I had 10 whole days with no kids around I'd spend the entire time in bed (if he was lucky I'd invite the husband to join me) and I'd sleeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp! Nobody would wake me in the middle of the night just to let me know that he still has a runny nose, or that she has removed her pyjama top and trashed her bed so that it is impossible to get back under the covers by herself(remember it's winter here and we kiwis don't believe in namby-pamby HEATING for our uninsulated homes!) And in the middle of the afternoon when I woke up (because I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn when the two year olds think I should give them breakfast) someone would bring me coffee. And pastry.

  7. Super cute! Love the little poplin accent, too, even if is was added out of necessity. ;)

  8. As I sit here, about to put a diaper on the baby for the umpteenth time today, the thought of my children at granny's house sounds like sweet, sweet bliss.

    Love the shirt - she not only looks great in it, but looks happy wearing it.


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