Sunday, August 8, 2010


Big In Japan asked about the label on TLo's So-Called Capri Pants.  So let me tell you about it:

A loooong long time ago, in a galaxy faaaar far away, I bought a bunch of custom clothing tags.  Of which I still have approximately 99% in stock, because I usually forget to sew them in (i.e. I am usually much too lazy to sew them in-- yes, I am that lazy).

TLo has recently commented (i.e. complained vociferously) that she can't tell the fronts from the backs of most of her clothes and I have made a firm resolution (i.e. I might sometimes force myself) to use the custom labels forthwith. Yea.  Verily.


The tags are actually pretty cute, as they simply say "The Big One & TLo" in an attractive-albeit-clichéd script font. 

Well fine, the don't actually say "The Big One & TLo".  They actually say their real names.  It’s much cuter than "The Big One & TLo" which, quite frankly, sounds like the worst 1970's cop show ever.  "The Big One and TLo, Friday nights on NBC.  Starring William Shatner, Robert Blake and Suzanne Pleshette... and featuring Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Disco Freddie."  You'll just have to imagine the bad psuedo-funky guitar music in the background (bowchicka-bow-wow).

I chose for the tags to read "The Big One & TLo" out of sheer expediency (i.e. I am too cheap and way too lazy to have labels made with their individual names on them and then deal with changing the never-ending parade of bilateral hand-me-downs that are the girls' wardrobe).   However, this sheer laziness on my part makes for a nice little label that almost sounds like some sort of snooty, high-end, I-buy-funky-$200-knit-shirts-for-my-five-year-old brand.

Anyway, that's what's on the back of TLo's pants.  It's definitely worth the 40 bucks or whatever.  I mean, who doesn't want to have their very own name-branded designer-label pants?  Right?

(Oh, and to answer Big In Japan’s other question: that tag thing on the pocket of the So-Called Capri Pants is just a little loop of satin ribbon that I stuck on there for strictly decorative purposes.)


  1. Sweet.

    I think my mom used to have some sort of tag like that, come to think of it, "hand made by mom" or "made with care by J" , way back when.

    I've used bits of ribbon or some kind of contrasting fabric loop to designate the back, even going so far as to sew it on the outside of the garment, which you will see IF I ever get around to another damn blog post.

  2. "I have made a firm resolution (i.e. I might sometimes force myself)"
    Love it. Me too!


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