Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take Me To Cube-a

Despite her predictions to the contrary, TLo made it through the first day of school in the Big School.  First grade is so stressful, isn't it?  It sure is for me (it’s all about me, after all).  I'm trying to clothe TLo appropriately without having to make a dozen polo shirts (which I still find boring as hell).  

Luckily, I inherited 15 polo shirts from my friend's daughter who moved up to Junior High this year.  She's no longer required to wear polo shirts and I'm guessing (based on the look of sheer ecstasy she gave me when she handed over the shirts) that she won't be wearing polo shirts ever again in her life.  I can't say I blame her.

Now this girl wears, as might be expected of someone going into the 7th grade, a misses size small or a size 0 depending on the sizing system.  Regardless, they're misses shirts.  So why did I accept them?  Because, of course, they were free.  I figured I would just hold on to them until my kids approached 5th or 6th grade and see what happened.

Then a few days before school I had the thought that maybe I should just try these shirts on the kids.  You know, as a way to avoid making polo shirts myself.  Which I hadn't bothered to start doing.  The week before school started.  I mean, how bad could they be?  I'm sure lots of first graders wear women's shirts to school, right?  I was going to try them out.

Or more specifically, I decided to try them on TLo, who wears a size 12 shirt in shoulder width.  And a size 5 in length.  You know, not a "pear" or an "apple" or a "Y" or an "A".... no, she's a Cube.

And behold!  A women's size small polo shirt from Land's End makes the perfect polo dress for a cubical six year old. 

Blurry Blurrison and Her New Dress

And even more surprisingly, a size 0 polo shirt from Aeropostale  makes the perfect polo dress for a cylindrical seven year old. 

no, she is not cutting the cheese... I think.

Whoda thunk?

"Yay! We don't have to go to school naked."

So now we have a lot of polo dresses.   And I didn't have to make a single one of them.

Um.  Of course, we have no appropriately-colored bike shorts for a cubical six year old to wear under the perfect polo dresses.

Guess what I'm doing this week?


  1. Those are supposed to fit ADULTS?! How malnourished does an adult woman have to be to fit into a shirt that small!!!!! (And yay for you not having to do boring sewing!)

  2. Wow, what a great find...or inheritance! Polo dresses are much cuter than polo shirts.

  3. They look totally cute! And you know I'm down with FREE.

    If you wanted to get crafteh, you could sew some kind of a ruffle or trim to the hem. Fringe, yeah, that would be the best for a elementary school uniform, FRINGE.

    Those girls look adorable and the polo dress is a helluva lot cuter than it's sibling the polo shirt.

  4. Cute cute! I second the fringe...

  5. They look great! My youngest often steals my clothes to wear as dresses, but they are too big. She's 4, but wears a size 10 in the top, and she can't wear anything that buttons at the waist as she's shaped like a mini-Santa. But she is fairly tall. Her 7 year old sister is on the short side, but slender. Both of them weigh the same which is a few pounds less than their 10 year old brother who could wear a size 6 in the waist but needs a 10 for length. Even with the adjustable waists, he has them on the smallest slit and they are still too big. Slimness is wasted on boys, LOL!

  6. A flounce! That's what they need if you want to doll them up but keep them uniformy. Gorgeous girls! (Tracy, not only is slimness wasted on boys, it's also pretty expensive with buttonhole elastic at £1.09/m MINIMUM. And then there's the zips and having the hassle of adding back darts.)

  7. Bike shorts are so much better to make than polo shirts. You can whack and stack and whip them out, I'm sure!

  8. I'm glad you decided to have them try these on to save yourself all that sewing of polos! It's hard when the kiddos aren't cookie cutter sizes. A couple of my grands are starting to be hard to fit, especially since they live so far away and can't try things on as I go.
    Your girls have lots of personality judging from these photos!

  9. It's amazing how they can grow up and up and hardly out at all (depending on the child, of course... my younger daughter has my broad shoulders so she and her older sister have almost the same shoulder-breadth, too.

    I just gave you a "Beautiful Blogger" award on my blog, if you're interested. I love this blog and your writing style. :)

  10. Oooo of course I am. I love talking about myself best of all! ;-)


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