Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Am Beautiful. No Matter What They Say.

Just ask me.


Tanit-Isis tagged me for a Meme, which I so totally wish I'd named one of my kids... you know, "Princess Presto" and "Meme".  That is way better than the names we actually gave them.  (And in case you're wondering about Princess Presto, that's the name that Julia's granddaughter wanted to name her new baby sister.  Which I think is very chic of her.  Apparently it's a TV character, which I guess my kids are too old for me to have heard of, but it's still fab.)

Anyway, it's the usual narcissistic all-about-me thing.  Which of course I love.  Being the usual narcissist.  Oh and of course because Tanit-Isis was so very sweet about her nomination and said a bunch of nice things about me.  Which, let's be honest, is only to be expected.  I'm fabulous.

I think the rules on this one are to list ten things about myself that you would never guess and to nominate 5 people.  I'm going to do the ten things first to give myself time to think about the nominations (so I don't inadvertently offend someone by either pestering them with my nomination or failing to nominate them at all... I'm looking at you Angie A.)  Although I doubt there are ten things about me that you would never guess, since I'm clearly very happy to jabber away about myself at the drop of a hat.  But let's give it a whirl.


1) I am ambidextrous.  But I never use my left hand for anything so I might as well not be.

2) I know the lyrics to every Top 40 song from 1967.  Also to 1968.  And 1969.  And basically the entire 1960's.  I rock at oldies music trivia at the bar.

3) I used to play the violin.  To a professional standard.  Then I quit and now I can't play a note.  Freaky, right?

4) The only thing I have ever won in my entire life was a 4 foot by 4 foot stretched canvas that the shop instructor made as a sample on the first day of class when I was a freshman at art school.  I have no idea what happened to it, because I certainly don't have a 4 foot by 4 foot painting lying around anywhere.  Huh.  What the heck did happen to that thing?  Wow.  I just posted something about myself that even I would never guess.  Cool.

5) Including the house I'm in now, throughout my entire life I have lived in 22 houses or apartments.  That's an average of 1 residence every 1.9 years.  I've lived in my current house for over five years.  Which to my mind means we are way overdue to move.  My husband has lived in 6 houses in his entire life.  That's an average of 1 residence every 6.6 years.  He thinks this is shockingly transient and refuses to ever move again.

6) One of my hobbies is looking at houses.  My mother shares this hobby.  I am the only person I know who would allow their mother to pick out a house for them sight-unseen, which is exactly what I did when we moved here from New Zealand.  This worked out perfectly fine, as my mother has been in enough houses with me to know exactly what I will and will not tolerate in a house purchase.  I did have pictures.  But still, I’ll allow that it's a bit weird.

7) As another point of example on how well my mother and I understand each other when it comes to houses: my mom's best friend had purchased an older house and asked a group of friends over to see it.  I knew she was considering redecorating options and when I walked in the front door, the first words out of my mouth were "Well, I think you could take out that wall for sure."  Everyone just burst into laughter.  Apparently when my mother had walked in ten minutes earlier, those had been the first words out of her mouth as well.  My mom and I are of the opinion that anything short of gutting down to the studs is a reasonable redecorating option.  Sadly this story also points out that I am, in fact, turning into my mother.  The mind boggles.  Or at least, I’m sure the Husband's does.  I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.

8) I once seriously considered marrying a person I hardly knew as a sort of whim.  Well, it was a whim, so I considered it for about an hour.  And possibly alcohol was involved.  But still.  This is how people end up on Jerry Springer, right?  Ahhh, youth.

9) Instead I married my actual husband, with whom I physically shared space for only 6 weeks before we decided to get married.  We did speak to each other for several years before that, but still... this is also how people end up on Jerry Springer.  Saying that, we've been married for nine years and we haven't been on Springer yet, so clearly it worked out ok.  And yes, my metric for assessing a marriage is whether or not Jerry Springer is involved.  It's as good a system as any other, as far as I can tell.

10) I think Zahi Hawass is part of some deep, deep conspiracy and although it's admittedly morbid, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens when he finally kicks the bucket.  Because then we'll maybe find out:  Either he's an alien and knows where all the space-artifacts are hidden or he's the high priest in an ancient cult that... uh... knows where all the space-artifacts are hidden.  Either way, that secret door has to get opened sometime.  He's old.  I can wait him out.

That last one was for the benefit of Tanit-Isis.  She is totally laughing her ass off right now.  Trust me.  I know an archeology geek when I see one.

And the nominees are:

Angie A. at Quality Time.  Because I will never hear the end of it if I don't nominate her this time.

Big In Japan at Big In Japan Adventures.  Because she's fun and her blog is new.  Maybe this will give her motivation to post more, which is for the Greater Good.

The Other Kristine at Just Keep Sewing.  Because I think she’s one of those seemingly ordinary people who secretly is wild and exciting.  And if we get her to tell us about it, we’ll be entertained.

Katharine at Location: Eurasian.  Because usually Katharine throws out these sort of random, interesting things about herself that makes me thing there’s more where that came from.

Mrs. Little Hunting Creek at Little Hunting Creek.  Why?  Because I like her.  I don't think she does memes but what the heck.  It's my job to nominate.  After that, it's out of my hands.

Why this five?  Because I have had actual conversations with these people (you know, beyond the scope of bloggerland).  Except Mrs. Little Hunting Creek.  I just like her blog and I needed one more nominee.  She never talks to me.  Hmmph.

There you go.  Why is it that these memememememe posts are always so long? 

Oh.  Yeah.  Right.  I remember now. It’s the scintillating topic.


  1. Hyuk hyuk! Thank you for #10 :). It's either that or he leads a secret group of Egyptian ninjas (shush!) to steal back all the ancient artifacts plundered and scattered in top-notch museums around the world.

    Worse is that I can't watch dinosaur documentaries anymore without recognizing colleagues and getting insanely jealous of their fame and fortune.

    My older daughter has lived in 7 places in 10 years, which is pretty sad. The youngest, 5 places in 7 years, but at least she only remembers the last 3. Someday I hope to be stable. /sigh

  2. Wow, 22 houses/apartments! I've moved around a lot (not quite that much) and I find myself getting antsy too.

    It's okay Angie A. nobody ever picks me for these things either...*sigh*

  3. Heather, ain't that the truth? I get all these nice comments on my blog but NO ONE ever nominates me.

    I've never been a bridesmaid either.

    Well, except that one time when I was asked but turned up pregnant so got kicked off the squad. Or whatever it is you call many many bridesmaids.

    This post was about me, right?

  4. Oh crap, I knew I was forgetting someone. Sheesh. I finally nominate Angie (after enduring much whining) and then forget to nominate Heather (who I doubt has the capacity to whine at quite that frequency). Poo.

  5. Angie, you may have just given us one of your 10 things about you we wouldn't have guessed!

    And Heather, don't worry, I'm lookin' at YOU!

    Oh, right, Beangirl, YOUR comment page here. I thought that you played the viola, not the violin. And I guess I was in good hands 20 years ago when I asked you to help me find my first Big City Apartment!

  6. FYI: Princess Presto is the Princessy-type girly in SuperWhy. Laura always wants to be Princess Presto (because she wears pink and has a wand. Natch.) And James wants to be Alphapig, who has a yellow helicoptor and tool-belt. There are various other characters but these two are The Best.

    (I'm starting to see why I might have to wait some time to be tagged....)

  7. My sister and her husband bought their house the same way - both sets of parents (!) did the leg work and they only saw photos before returning to NZ from London. As for Zahi Hawass, I reckon it's the artifact-returning ninja squad. And I bet he's been leading it for a very long time.

  8. :)))
    I should really get on to putting up my blog reply. But I'm going back to work on Monday and acclimating DD to the crèche (daycare) so a wee distracted these days!


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