Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harses, harses, harses…


Anna Sui cotton border print @

Lookie-look what was on sale at Fabric Mart for $2.50/yard!  After much musing and debating and waffling, I bought 3 yards.  Aren't you excited?  Of course you are!

Now I just have to mull over what I'm going to make with it.  As we all know, my secret fashion girlfriend made a strapless minidress.  But as we also all know, I'm not about to wear any such thing.  So I'll just wait until I have it in my grubby little paws before I decide.  Probably some sort of tunic.  I'm boring like that.

The weird thing is that I was looking for this green-and-blue colorway a few weeks ago and it was nowhere to be found on the website.  Then all of the sudden -poof!- they have it for $2.50/yard.  Clearly a sign.  Better not miss the opportunity, right?  Right. 

You’d better get some too, right?  Hurry, while supplies last!


(PS.  No, I am not losing my mind… or swearing at you in my post title.  It’s from Sleepless In Seattle “harses… harses… harses…”.  When Meg Ryan is singing to Jingle Bells in the car.  I get that stuck in my head a lot.

No that does not mean I am losing my mind.)


  1. Now, drafting your own strapless mini dress would definitely not be losing your mind...

  2. mmmmmm, waffles.....

    Wow, $2.50 and it's 100% cotton, great colors and designed by your secret fashion girlfriend?! She did that just for you, I reckon. Even if you think a tunic is boring, I think you'd get a lot more wear out it than a strapless minidress. Besides, simple is best with fabric like that, doncha think?

  3. What an interesting fabric. I can definitely see it made up as a striking tunic. The colors are fabulous. And what a bargain!

  4. Now that is not fair, yes you got a bargain but it would cost me about $50 in shipping to get that kind of bargain sent down under! Grr. Serious fabric envy going on over here!

  5. Aw shucks nice to know total strangers I have never met on the other side of the world care if my house (and presumably me) are shaken to bits! The earthquake (7.1 if you please, biggest in NZ since a devasting quake in the 30s) was very close to Christchurch, 309km or 192m from me. It woke my husband and I, but after accusing each other of making the earth move and watching our bedroom light sway, we just went back to sleep. Poor Chch is very badly damaged, but fortunately we live in a 1st world country where things like earthquake building standards are taken very seriously, so (sadly) most of the ruined or seriously damaged buildings are the beautiful old ones. I am supposed to be going to a huge quilt and craft fair there in two weeks.......

  6. OMG. I thought I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who went around singing, harses, harses, harses. Drives my kids BATTY. It doesn't even have to be the season, I get that song (Meg style) stuck in my head all the damn time!


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