Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ramble On


ram·bling v. ramb(ə)liNG

1) to move aimlessly from place to place; to explore idly
2)to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion
3)to grow or extend irregularly


Hey, I was just reading Heather's blog and she nominated me for an award.  Awwww....  And this one doesn't require you to say anything about yourself except what you like about your own blog.  Awesomeness.

But you know what?  I have a complaint.  Not about Heather or her award, of course.  No, this is a complaint about Blogger.  Because you know how in WordPress, you have the option of replying to comments?  Why doesn't Blogger have this?  It is soooo annoying to have to post new comments on your own blog, just to answer someone's question.  Seriously.  It disturbs my deeply entrenched sense of hierarchical order.

For instance, someone called "Anonymous" asked, "So, your faolks not from Minnesota then? Or is all that 'expletive deleted' from the Drak Side of Minnesota?"  To which I had a clever and witty reply (long since forgotten in the hazy mess I like to call my brain).  But which I would still just like to answer by saying, "No. My parents were actually from South Dakota, which not only isn't quite as Nice as Minnesota, but also my mother is not one little bit Scandinavian (which is something of which she is inordinately proud).  My mother is ½ Irish which is a whole nuther ball of wax, people.  The Niceness mostly comes from being, y'know, Nordic.  Also, my mother takes after her dad, who swore like a sailor.  Literally since he was, in fact, a sailor during WWII.  Sadly, I take after my mother in this respect. Amongst others."   (And just to keep it all in sync, “Nordic” makes me think of my all-time favorite Mad Men quote in which Betsy is told, “You are so profoundly sad.” To which she replies, “No.  My people are Nordic.”  That almost made me choke on my tea.)

And several people commented about Mad Men Peggy possibly making her own clothes in the first season, and I was going to reply that after I posted I started mulling it over and decided that it was entirely likely (as stated or alluded to by several people) that Peggy’s mom or sister made her clothes for her, which would be totally in keeping with the time and the characters.  But it would be nice to see.

And Kathryn commented the other day, “Your blog is so funny I tend to forget that you can actually really sew....”  To which I reply, “Aha!  My clever deception is working!  Because of course, I don’t sew so very often and I have to keep you all from figuring that out somehow---"  Er.  Oops.  You did not hear that.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.

And so forth and so on...

So to answer the question, "What do you like about your own blog?" I will have to say, "I like that I can blather on like this with no apparent purpose or reason.  Now, why you all like that is not 100% clear to me.  I guess you're gluttons for punishment."

Oh and I'm supposed to make a list of ten blogs to nominate.  But really, if it's on that list over there on the side, then you can be pretty assured that I like to read it.  And so, I hereby nominate everyone.  I'm egalitarian like that.

No, I am not lazy.  I'm egalitarian!


  1. See, that's what i should have done, just nominated everyone. So much easier and so much nicer! I hate leaving people out.

  2. I do like the threaded comments on wordpress. I also like that it doesn't pop up a weird little extra window with ugly fonts that don't match the rest of the blog to put the comments in. However, blogspot allows those neat link-bars that shows whose blogs have been updated recently, and the widget for PR pattern reviews. I guess you can't have it all (unless you have a self-hosted blog, anyway)

    We read you for the snark, of course.

  3. As a fellow, currently non-sewing, egalitarian, I'd like to say - Blather on.

  4. Hey, I've been known to unsubscribe to a blog that is "on topic" all the time; a little pointless blathering (preferably with a high snark content) brightens my day.

  5. Did I miss the Peggy conversation? I'm losing it.

  6. I enjoy your miscellaneous ranting as well as your sewing posts. It gives me a chance to feel like I'm actually interacting or joining a conversation using more than the five-cent words so common to my English for Japanese speakers vocabulary. Ramble on....

  7. Well I love your blog and am a bit sad that I'm not in the side bar ::pouts:: But I have found some fabulous new to me blogs over there!

    Happy Weekend. g


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