Friday, September 10, 2010

“Contritionem praecedit superbia.”

If you're an avid blog reader like me (by which I mean you spend endless hours avoiding the cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens through the reading of blogs), then you'll probably remember this post by the Slapdash Sewist, in which she gushed (quite understandably) about her recent FabricMart purchases.

Ahhhh FabricMart. Your bounty knows no bounds.

After reading said gushy post by TSS, here is what I said:


And here is what I found ten minutes ago when I opened my long-awaited box from FabricMart, eagerly anticipating my Anna Sui Harses Harses Harses print:


Hubris, thy name is Beangirl.


(I did also get the Anna Sui print… and, uh, some other stuff.)

edit: To dash hopes (I’m mean-spirited like that) – No, it did not just appear magically.  Apparently after taking it out of my cart two times in as many weeks, I then put it back in again.  And promptly forgot that I did.  It wasn’t until I opened up the box that I realized I must have ordered it to make up the 10 yards needed for that category.  Doh!  I haven’t taken it out of the dryer yet, but it seems like it’s going to wash up nicely.  So, you know, just what I need.  Three more yards of lovely lawn.

Oh.  And the Latin was just to give you a chance to use your Google translator.  I’m helpful like that.  Always thinking of others.)


  1. After reading Trena's post, I couldn't help myself and ordered 4 yards-and some (ahem) other stuff. I think you're in good company...
    Word ver : pantlake
    I don't know what it means, but it sounds funny!

  2. The Latin is confusing me. Did you actually order the pink dot or did it just make its way into your box magically?

  3. Wait a minute... So, if I wish for fabric on someone else's blog, it will show up in the next package I get? Ok, I'll give it a shot.
    "I love that color! In a *silk charmeuse* it would stop traffic!"

    Do I have to cross my fingers, close my eyes, twitch my eyes, or bop by head like Genie?

  4. Should I be concerned that I didn't need the translator?

    I wanted some Essex cotton/linen in ivory. Except that I had a little in sand and a little in ivory and I though one was t'other and ordered sand. So I still wanted (needed, but really, do I *need* it!?) the ivory. I was going to order some, but you know you have to fill the envelope.

    The last of 2 orders from 2 different shops arrived this morning. The ivory wasn't in either of them. Seems I did the padding without the thing I went looking for.

    Now what do I do, oh, expert in buying fabric? Nobody seems to sell it for actual postage, so I have to justify $13 dollars for Global Priority envelope.

    Of course I could get it here in the UK, for 3 times the price, but the postage is cheaper!?!


  5. Obviously your subconscious knew you needed this fabric. Besides, it counts as a solid (aka uniform-appropriate) colour, doesn't it?

    Someday I will take the plunge and buy fabric online. Thus far, though, I can't ever afford to buy enough bulk to justify the cross-border shipping.

  6. Ha! I love that story. I washed mine and then let it hang to dry (I don't put many clothes in the dryer). Cotton batistes line dry so well.


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