Friday, September 24, 2010

Even Gooder Value. “Gooder.” It’s A Word.


So remember last week I showed you the very cute and highly flattering “Good Value skirt” that I made for TLo?  That is one brilliant skirt, I’ll tell you now.  The cotton gabardine washes amazingly well and the whole thing just looks great on TLo (which sadly, can’t be said for all of her school clothes).

Well, I made another one.  You may not be aware, but apparently these days grade-schools have Casual Fridays.  Honest.  I guess they all wear jeans and wander around pretending to do work for most of the day in the hopes that they can go home an hour early and have accomplished nothing whatsoever.  Or maybe I’m confusing that with Casual Fridays at places I used to work. (And doesn’t “Casual Fridays” sound like the worst generic-american-food-served-with-obnoxious-themes franchise ever?  It’s like T.G.I.Friday’s only you know, with crappier, more casual service.)

Anyhoo, poor TLo only had one pair of sad sad sad denim shorts to wear on Fridays.  Oh yeah, you know them as the Smoke On The Water Shorts (a.k.a. Ottobre 1/2009 #23).  Those ones.  I finally felt sorry for her and made her another Good Value skirt out of denim.  Um.  That same free denim that we’ve been flaunting for the past year (oh man, you just have no idea how far 24 yards of ugly denim will go).

Here it is, Good Value Skirt #2.

frontI drafted a coin pocket.backSame back.

interiorSame interior.


I did use the rivets I bought last winter (I’m a little slow).

I didn’t use elastic in the waistband of the first version and it’s a little loose.  So I put in buttonhole elastic in this one, which bunches up the back a little but does make it fit better.

back-wearing tantrumfront-wearing

Although it’s hard to tell from Tantrum Girl’s poses.  She had a fit about being scolded for not getting ready on time, which inevitably caused her to be even more Not Ready.  Stomping and screaming ensued.  Eventually, she was overcome by her own temper and had to get a tissue half-way through to comfort herself (since she wasn’t getting any sympathy from me).  All this before 7:45 am.  And I wonder why the day seemed so long?



  1. Sassy! Once again the waistband facing is so awesome and wow, rivets?! Do they require, you know, tools?

    I love denim skirts, I'm wearing a self-made one today. And I WILL post about it soon, aren't you excited.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. 24 yards? I see lots of Good Value ahead...

    And nice work on the skirt - the details really look RTW.

  3. Super cute! The topstitching on the pleats is really great. I'm sure once the tantrum passed she was happy to have cool skirt for casual Friday.
    I hope your day improved - once the monkeys were off to school...

  4. Nice skirt.

    Reaching the stage where your tantrum means getting your own hanky - most excellent.

    Or not, I'm still getting my own hankies for bad days.

  5. Adorable, but if you really want to use up that Free Denim, you need to consider some different garments. Mumus. Burkas. ;)

    I love buttonhole elastic. It's the only thing that makes pants fit over Tyo's J-Lo booty (her father is going to be seriously traumatized in a year or two)

    Speaking of Tyo, I feel you on the morning battles. I'd say about 80% of mornings at our house degenerate into something like this. Although that's still better than when she was 6 and I usually had to drag her (literally) to school and then find a teacher to distract her because she kept screaming and trying to follow me back out. Figuring out she needed a full 12 hours of sleep every night helped.

  6. That skirt is seriously impressive - great top-stitching. I love it! Your blog is so funny I tend to forget that you can actually really sew....

  7. God, you are such a good Mom. I really need to sew more for my kids! Nice job!!!

  8. Cute, cute, cute skirt. (I can totally relate on the tantrum. DD can get very dramatic getting herself a tissue!)

  9. Cute skirt and it looks great on her! You might as well ge tused to the morning tantrums... my 13 yo dd still has 'em. I just think 'only 5 more years, only 5 more years, etc....'.

  10. Wow, that is a great skirt! Look at those details!
    TLo, she's such a cutie-pie. It is easier to say from photos than when you're dealing with the stamping about. If I had a whiner at home you'd be telling me how cute she looks in her photos too, and i'd be muttering undr my breath about why that cuteness can't crossover more to her IRL :)
    Totally with you on Casual Fridays--franchise sounding.

    What is Mad Men?
    (Running and ducking--just kidding. I've heard of it. Even saw it once somewhere. It's not on TV here though.)


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