Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Bird In The Hand…

I went to Hancock's last weekend with the specific purpose of buying some appropriate patterns for TLo, as I have very few patterns in her size.  Given that most Big4 children's patterns are laughably large and my children are comically short, it didn't occur to me that I would need anything above the size 6 range for some time to come. I was wrong.  TLo is now in a size 12/14 width in RTW, which even in the world of Humongous Big4 Patterns is a 10.

TLo and I went to the store together, partly because I was hoping she would enjoy picking out her own patterns (with subtle guidance from yours truly) and partly because The Husband was taking TBO to soccer practice on that side of town anyway so I thought we could all go in one car.  I figured TLo and I, left to our own devices, could easily spend an hour and fifteen minutes in the fabric store.

This was poor reasoning on my part. TLo begged the entire time to be allowed to peruse the button section on her own, which is as far away from the pattern area as you can get and is completely obscured by row upon row of towering fabric aisles.  She was not allowed to peruse.  Or at least, not until we'd sat at the pattern table and looked through the sale books.  Apparently this is a breathtakingly tempting activity when you're not allowed to do it, but mind-numbingly boring when the siren call of the button section sings it's temptress song.  Much whining ensued.  And (despite what you're thinking) not all of it from me.  Pattern selection became a hasty process.

I relate all of this to you, Gentle Reader, in an attempt to excuse what happened next: When I saw this pattern was on sale, my heart skipped a little dance of happiness at the perfect fit for TLo's school uniform.  McCall M6156, size 7 to 14.

McCall's M6156

Shirtdress styling? Check!  Adjustable empire waistline with drawstring? Check!  Cute as a button? Check!

M6156 line drawing

Perfect.  I forced (her words) TLo to help me find said perfection in the pattern drawer and, with our seven other pattern selections, we made our giddy way to nirvana-- sorry, the button aisle.  All was right with the world.

And then today I finally got around to photo-copying the technical drawing insert for October’s BurdaStyle.  Which I have already pored over a half-dozen times in the past month.  At least.

Burda Style 10-2010 #147B

Um.  Girl's Shirtdress.  With adjustable drawstring empire waist.  Size 134-158. 



  1. I made this pattern for my granddaughter who is not a perfect "any size". It worked out great. I posted about it back in either Sept. or Oct. if you want to check it out. I first combined three fabrics in black and white that I had and did not buy any more fabric. I haven't seen it on her, but I can't imagine that it didn't fit. Good luck!

  2. Oh dear! Darn that burda for scooping McCalls! On the plis side, I actually like the McCalls better - short sleeves and ties in the back. Easy mods to make, but now you don't have to! And you don't necessarily HAVE to trace. ( I can't believe I said that!)
    And hey, I've missed you! I hope all is well up there.

  3. Now you don't have to trace! Burda makes me crazy. I like the McCall's dress better anyway - keep repeating that

  4. Well, now you have two versions.

    It's nice to see the Burda one in larger children's sizes - it seems they're always on the smaller side. Which is great since I have this issue on order from the library.

  5. What is it about little girls and buttons? I was constantly being told to: "Get back here!" when I was a kid because I had wandered away from the pattern tables and was looking at the buttons.

  6. D'oh! Ah, well... saves you some tracing, at least, right?

  7. Well at least you choose well. and I know what you mean about torturing the husbands just because. Mine is curently torturing me with a horror movie - how I hate those! g


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