Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Always Thankful

Last Thanksgiving, my dad threw away the wishbone.  You have no idea the horror, agitation and pain this caused.  For TLo and The Big One, at any rate.  For the next 365 days, they made sure to remind us all that they must have the wishbone this year.  Or else.

My mother (being a mom and therefor a bit more on top of it about these things), duly saved the wishbone from her (flippin’ huge) turkey.  When we got to my parents’ house on Thursday afternoon, there it sat on it’s own platter like a temple icon, waiting for TLo and The Big One’s grubby little paws.

TLo won.

After 7 hours of family-and-friends goodness (and in The Big One’s case, a dinner made up exclusively of 8 chocolate chip cookies and 5 buttered rolls), we headed home with two very tired little girls in tow.  As we walked from the garage to the house, TLo began a strange and curious series of contortions in the security light.  Was she having a sugar-induced seizure?  Had the 6 straight hours of TV she watched actually melted her brain, just like I kept telling her it would?

Not exactly.  When questioned, she stopped her body-bending and all was made clear.  She was looking at her shadow.

“Mom!  Grandma said if you wish on the wishbone, your wish will come true.  She said it.”


“I’m looking to see if my fairy wings have started to grow yet!”

Oh dear.  Grandma is going to have a lot to answer for.



  1. Hee hee!

    On an unrelated note, all this talk of turkey is making me sooo jealous. :(

  2. Incredibly cute. Grandma will just have to tell her they don't come true right away - or fairy wings only come out at dark because they are too hard to dress. Grandma will come up with something believable and fabulous - grandma's always do.

    Hope you're getting some face time with your sewing machine this weekend. g

  3. Oh that's so sweet! Fairy wings would be sooo cool!

  4. I smell a fairy wings project in the near future!

  5. Sooooo funny....yeah, grandma gets to explain that one...

  6. Ah yes. Impossible wishes. Laura's request from Santa was for a clockwork butterfly (no problem there) that she could wind up and it would fly around her bedroom. Big problem! Unless some geeky teen in Japan has just applied for a patent, Santa has no chance finding such a thing. And, boy, is he ever going to get a shock if he googles 'remote controlled butterfly'. God knows, I did. Grandma will have to start managing expectations - which is pretty much what I've been doing for the last 3 weeks. They do not warn you about this in the parenting books.


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