Friday, November 12, 2010

Love Bits… No wait, “Bites”

Google “Def Leppard – Love Bites” and see how many hits you get tagged “Def Leppard Love Bits”.  Seriously.  It’s pretty entertaining.

Did you know that Def Leppard -collectively- hail from Yorkshire?  I like to bring this up periodically in conversation with The Husband.  Because it irritates the crap out of him.  And I'm the kind of person who feels compelled to irritate her husband.  It’s for his own good.

The Husband will claim that Def Leppard annoys him because they're "a bunch of untalented wankers who couldn't get real work, just like the rest of us".  In reality Def Leppard annoys him because they were a bunch of untalented wankers who couldn't get real work just like the rest of them and proceeded to make millions of pounds selling records.   Which means many, many people must have liked them.  Many, many old people.

This is for Angie A.  She’s one of those old people.


And Angie A, you inspired me to write a poem:

Emo Is Dead

Emo is dead.
Get over it.
And get a sense of humor
While you're at it.

What, you’re like twelve, right?



Hmmm…. I think “Emo Is Dead” is a great name for an all-girl punk band.  Feel free to use it for your next musical venture.  No charge.  A gift from me to you.


PS The brilliant verse above isn’t about Angie A, just in case that’s what you were thinking.  Well, because for one thing, she’s not twelve.  I did say she was old, right?  Right.  (heh heh heh… Ang, you’re still younger than me, for what it’s worth.)


  1. Well then, it's official... I'm old, too!
    "I'm hot, sticky sweet... from my head, to my feet, yeah yeah!!!"

  2. And the next incarnation of that band, when the girls shift from punk to death metal will be ELMO IS DEAD.

  3. Ha! I love Def Leppard and my 13 year old daughter does too... we aren't old....

  4. WooHOOO!!!! That's me, old and probably a wanker. :P

    ps...I'm totally writing that poem in an inconspicuous place on my board Monday. We'll see if anyone notices.

  5. I didn't say they were untalented wankers who couldn't get a real job. I just said they were wankers :) And our 1987 band could like totally blow them off stage, dude. Well, we could have if we could play our instruments. And had decent songs not just covers of for whom the bell tolls and 2 minutes to midnight.And got paid for gigs. Besides, all that money, but are they really happy??


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