Monday, November 22, 2010


I heart me some Modwear.  Seriously.  I mean, I stopped watching Project Runway halfway through two seasons ago and I’m actually almost sorry because I missed out on this guy:


And of course the anti-social rebel in me felt compelled to create a mod dress for TLo’s school uniform.  Because that’s exactly what school uniforms need more of: Mod.

In that vein, I attempted to make this dress for TLo.  It (technically) conforms to the dress code: sleeves, collar, solid color.  Right?  RIGHT?

Ottobre 6-2010 #26

Ottobre 6-2010 photo

Unfortunately, in my brilliance I decided to not (as recommended) use felted wool but instead use a slubby sort of linen-lookish cotton that I got... from somewhere.  (Probably from Fabric Mart in that bundle of stuff that included the Anna Sui Harses-Harses-Harses border print and the surprise pink dotted-swiss voile.  Just guessing.)

Anyway, I made the dress very specifically not from felted wool (and given that today –two days before Thanksgiving-- it's 81 degrees outside, that was probably not an unreasonable decision).  Which is fine.  Until I realized that one of the reasons felted wool was probably a good choice for this dress is that the ruffles on the collar are unfinished.  Which obviously works fabulously in felted wool, but not so fabulously in cheap linen-lookish cotton.

Oh, the humanity.

This tragedy might have been avoided by simply overlocking or zig-zagging the edges of said ruffles... except I didn't have any orange thread. And wasn’t about to go and buy some.  I could have used the white thread I used on the rest of the dress, but it would have really stood out and possibly made it no longer so “solid colored”.  So I didn't attach the ruffles.  Which immediately begged the question, then why make the dumb thing in the first place? 

I know.  It's a good question.  A mod dress with no mod ruffles... is just a plain boring dress.

I did make an orange fabric rose pin to stick on the front, thinking it would at least add some visual interest.  But it's too heavy and droops in a very unbecoming manner.



Here's TLo, not particularly looking fabulous in said ruffleless dress.


Plus, she wouldn’t wear the white go-go boots.

I've decided Mod is not good for us.

But here’s a Mod-ish blast from the past… if your past includes early 90’s Canadian hip-hop.  Mine does.


In our next episode: BurdaStyle... apparently they think we have monkey hands for feet.  It's the only explanation for their belief that assembling this dress is possible.

BWOF 1-2009 #136A


  1. Aww. Well, I think the idea of a Mod dress as school uniform is delightfully subversive.

    Do you have fabric left over? Maybe you could re-make the ruffle double-wide so that the edge would be a fold (which would work well in thin cotton but not in felted wool!)

    I'm going to go fantasize about 81F right now... it's -27C (-16F) here right now. :.(

  2. How is it that I barely, barely remember that song? LOL. Oh yeah, early 90s...I was getting into "new country"!

  3. Oh great, I have been waiting for Isabella to grow into that Burda dress pattern since I first saw it. Off to see the mad scientist to get the monkey feet for me.

    (hehehe - my word verification is "peezed" which is how I think I feel!)

  4. Sounds like an interesting and sane uniform policy, and I like your take on it! DC public schools, or at least the high school I pass on the way to work, has a similar generic policy--black or khaki bottoms, and a red, white, or black collared shirt. I like seeing all the interpretations of it.

  5. If it were my dress, I wouldn't want the ruffles. But, it's not my dress, right? But like you said, it's a bit plain without them. White go-go boots would definitely make it, I'm all for white go-go boots. Especially the ones that walk all over people.

  6. It's really unfair how people disapprove when you send your kid to school in gogo boots... :(

  7. I was desperate to be a mod once....unfortunately I have a very unmod body. So the extent of my modness was wearing false eyelashes...every single day.
    I am guessing this isn't an option for Tlo!

  8. What about keeping an eye out for matching felted wool? You just need enough for ruffles and you could still apply them to the finished dress.

    Angie-who can't get logged in on her iPhone

  9. I love it!! I was just admiring this design as I traced off a different one today. Alas, like Judy, I have to wait for Myra to grow. I love Ottobre, but I really wish that they would grade down a few sizes smaller in the preschool range. Myra looks silly in "baby" clothes, but isn't big enough for the cute preschool ones I want to sew her. Naturally, I am WAAAAY too lazy to grade them down myself.

  10. You could always just get some orange thread and make an afterthought ruffle.... What's your school's policy on winkle-pickers? I reckon they'd be a good alternative to the go-go boots, no? Or how about some argyle tights? I shall always regret not wearing wacky tights often enough as a child, now that my legs are the wrong shape for such attention-seeking.


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