Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Now For A Few Things In The Random W.T.F. Category

1)  Today we are all excited because my boss declared to one of the co-owners, “We’re always closed on Good Friday.” 

We have never, no not ever been closed on Good Friday.  Trust me. 

After a hasty conferral, we all (other co-owners included) decided to just not tell him that he has apparently succumbed to a crack addiction.  So we all have tomorrow off.  This has made me inordinately happy.  I should probably investigate further why a simple day off has produced this slightly disturbing level of happiness, but for now I’m just going to revel in the unexpected holiday.


Did I mention that tomorrow is the Husband’s day off?  And that the kids were supposed to have an Inclement Weather day but they used it up in the blizzard this year, so they have to go to school?

Maybe my happiness isn’t so inordinate.


2)  I was just on Facebook (bleh) and this ad popped up in that annoying side-bar-smorgasbord of ads:

social worker

It only takes one year to complete.  I think that’s pretty impressive.  However, I think they might make the “social work for possessed demon-spawn children” part a little more clear in the text as it could be sort of a surprise for someone expecting to become, you know, just a normal social worker.


3) This week my DVR recorded exactly 60 seconds of “Glee”.  I clicked on “Glee”.  I watched as the screen froze.  I looked at the recording status bar as it stopped on “60sec” and then…. I just turned off the TV.  No voluble cursing or shaking of fists in anger.  No jumping up to see if it was online yet.  Just… meh.  Ok.  Whatever.


Oh Glee, Glee, Glee…. it seems our romance has run it’s course.  No no… don’t say anything.  Just let me remember you the way you were.


  1. 1. Congrats! Enjoy your (peaceful) day together!
    2. ROFL!!!
    3. You didn't miss much, last night's episode wasn't phenomenal, but next week looks really good...

  2. Yay for a day off with no kids!!! Enjoy it! That ad pops up on my FB as well and freaks me out every time. Where did they get that crazy picture?

  3. I love random days off. I had Monday off - it was nice once I got over being freaked out.

    I have been watching Glee on Netflix, I don't know that I see the appeal. frankly - I always look to the morals and I don't like those. But I do like them breaking out in song. :) g

  4. Well congrats on getting the day off...and with the kids at school! I would have been doing the joy-joy dance if that had happened to me when my kids were school aged. Enjoy something fun!

  5. Nothing random about it. Clearly the universe is telling you and your husband to sing while you do whatever you do when you are both home and your own demon spawn are not! Make some noise!

  6. Hey, that does sound like a GOOD Friday!

  7. that is a scary picture - I'd re-evaluate my social work dream if that's what I had to work with. And a day at home without kids interrupting you every four seconds is a wonderful thing

  8. Enjoy your day off! And I agree, I would second guess becoming a social worker as well. That image will haunt my dreams.

  9. An unexpected day off is always a cause for great joy. Being the boss of 3 whole people, I always give them Good Friday off. I don't think they appreciate it as you do, however. But I like the extra day's sleep.

  10. I never get that ad on my facebook page and I'm a little miffed about it. I just get the one's about Denver mom looks 35 and she's really 80 or the "be a nurse in a year" one's but the lady on the nurse ad looks too happy to be a nurse; it must be before she actually has to deal with nursing professors. The demon spawn child is way more appropriate. Thanks for letting me blog on your blog. :)

  11. that's just about the best friday ever. though i hope to god you had a steak instead of fish. with a little red wine.


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