Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s, like, all burny and stuff.

Guess what we want for Earth Day?

Possum Kingdom fire

Wichita Falls / Iowa Park fire

Wichita Falls / Iowa Park fire

If you guessed, “Water falling from the sky” you were correct.

Even the six-year-old got excited today when it looked like it might rain.  “Looked” being the operative word, as the forecast is actually only 20% chance of precipitation.  But lots of chance for lightening strikes.

Anyone know any rain dances?  I’m totally willing to dance around in my front yard wearing nothing but body paint if it will bring back my dead lawn.

Um.  Ok, maybe I don’t want a lawn quite that much…. on the other hand, my neighbors might pitch in for a sprinkler system just to keep me inside the house.  Hmmmm….


edit:  re: BigInJapan’s comment

this is the Red River where I used to live (as seen last week):

Red River ND

this is the Red River where I live now (as seen 5 years ago, but it pretty much always looks like this):

Red River TX

where is the balance, indeed?  Red Rivers.  You are a pain.


  1. Wow! Is the landscape just spontaneously combusting? Back up in the homeland folks are just saying goodbye to house islands. Where is the balance, I ask you?!

    word ver: nowricer (if I start in on this, it may never end...)

  2. no sir. once again i am informed of Very Big News through my blogger friends. holy shit. it sounds like you're far enough away?

    i'll try to send some of the neverending gay droplets we've been getting in NY your way.

  3. Yow!
    Here rainfall is at under 50% of "normal" for the second year in a row: only 22" for 2011 so far. Pitiful, but I'll see if I can send some your way.

  4. Count me in on the rain dancing! I keep looking at the Austin forecast, hoping for just a hint of rain. They keep predicting it, then changing their minds. I'd do any crazy dance out there, if it would just kill these fires and crazy high temps.

  5. Holy Cow! Did we (in SoCal) get all your rain this winter?

  6. I would like nothing better in all the world than to send you some of the rain we've had here, pretty much incessantly since autumn hit. (Well, we pretty much bypassed autumn in favour of winter).
    In cartoons rain dances always seem to involve those old rotary hand held egg beaters. Got one handy you could brandish?

  7. Sorry to hear about the drought, and the wildfires... so sad. It's messed up everywhere right now, as here I am in Michigan on April 20 and it's 40 degrees outside. 40. As in, my kid wore snowpants for recess today. In APRIL. Ick!

  8. I have had at least 6" of rain in the past week, and about 4 hours of sun today. do you know anyone who can lasso my clouds, and drag them to your house? Oh, and maybe they can get me a little heat while they're at it? The weather dope forgot to turn on the heat around here.

  9. It was 44 on Friday last week in OK. Then it was 87 on Tuesday. WEIRD weather. Dry here too, rain keeps passing us by.

    I seriously love the Monterey's Little Mexico commercial background music. Did I ever tell you I once emailed and asked them what the song was? yea. They just commissioned a riff for the background music.

    word ver: splewa. As in splewAAAAAA At least that's how I pronounce it.

  10. We were almost as desperate as our neighbors in Texas but we've had a couple days of drizzle and some rain in Denver. But with the rain we are getting stupidly cold temperatures. Maybe all of this will move into Texas. I was in Austin a couple of weekends ago and it was around 90 degrees. The Coolest Girl in the world didn't appreciate my pointing it that August was going to be like living in Hell.

    At least the fires south of Lubbock will make the landscape more interesting than it was before the fire.

  11. "From this valley they say you are going
    We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile..."

    Even in super flood stage it puts a song in my heart.

    This was our 4th snowiest year on record. So far. We'll try to send some your way.


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