Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Angie A: I See Your Bet And Raise You…


Marlena - Red Plaid

I had these shoes in my cart.  Almost.  I went to do something else and when I came back… they were out of my size!  Seriously.  My head hurt.   I had to lie down. 

It was traumatic.



So I had to buy these instead.  They were half price. 

Had to.

Daniele - silver and black

Darcie - Red Plaid

It was also worth it to watch TLo and The Big One gleefully tottering around the living room in them this evening.  I don’t know why, but they liked these. A lot.


Hmmmmm…. more trouble…..


  1. Ouch! Now I share your pain! I took one look at those plaid pumps and thought, well maybe they will have some in my size, but no. No UK size 5s. Now I feel really sad, and a few minutes ago I didn't even know they existed! Life's funny.

  2. Cute shoes-but not in your size? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  3. So you got two pairs instead of one? I like it!

  4. Mmmmm....plaid shoes. I've been looking for some that were in my size for a while. Except I was leaning towards a teal/blue/green plaid instead of red. Bummer that you missed out on the first pair, but score on getting two pairs. :-)

  5. LOVE the patent ones. I have one pair of booties and am always having to stop myself from buying more. I don't wear heels. Ever.

  6. I hate it when they're out of my size. I usually settle with a larger size and wear it at least once just to get over it. I am really crazy when it comes to shoes shopping.

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