Monday, October 31, 2011

Cookies For Halloween. Waaaay Better Than Candy.




…or Treat.


Decisions, decisions…..  I’d have to go with… trick. 

And treat.   I’m greedy.

Ok, mostly that was for Angie A’s benefit.  I was just going to email it to her.  But I figured, “Why not share the wealth?”  I’m super-generous like that.

No.  Really.  I am.

Ok, fine.  Here’s something else:


TLo was beside herself with pride about her Hermione Granger costume (she once asked me with deep concern if I would let her go to Hogwarts when her letter came--- I’m all like, “Yep.  Sure.  Off you go!  Have fun!!”)

Unfortunately, Mean Kids suck.  She was very unhappy at the end of school today because “everyone” said her costume was “the worst one”.  Although you could take that with a pretty good chunk of sodium chloride.  It’s entirely possible only one kid (who shall remain nameless) said that.   He’s like that.  They’ve gotten into serious and heated ideological Harry Potter debates before.

And then there’s the other one.  Apparently the consensus on Facebook is that The Big One is wearing a “devilrina” costume.   You know.  A devil?  And a ballerina?  That’s totally normal, right?

Well, at least it’s highly appropriate.


Next time I’ll show you pictures of the two little skirts I made for TLo.  Honest.


  1. Mmmm. Trick for me. And no I'm not sharing! :P

    Altho my word ver is "reterwil". SO I'm assuming Reter WILL share. Reter? You out there?

    And...MEAN KIDS SUCK. OMG. She's SO FREAKING CUTE. I got so excited when I saw Hermione! Devilrina is pretty stinking cute too.

  2. She looks adorable! It's a great costume. The other child may have been jealous.

  3. Mean kids are the worst, but both costumes are super fabulous!!! And the cookies...I will take both, as well. With chocolate, por favor.

  4. Do you want me to drive down from Canada to explain to the mean kid why he shouldn't mess with your daughter? I would never be a suspect, cause who would think? Right?

    Love your daughter as Hermione, and of course the devilrina is adorable!

    vicat-vicious cat woman who gets mad at mean kids.

  5. Oh - your girls look adorable! Love Hermoine, so cute! and can't leave out the sweet little ballerina devil - now can we? Hope they had fun! g


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