Sunday, October 2, 2011

World. World, World, World….

World, you fail me.

Not only did you not make me a Tintin purse, but you have also failed to make me these shoes.  In a Tintin version, of course.


I’m disappointed, world.  Deeply disappointed.



Note to self: find a pair of cheap red leather wedges.  Post haste.

Note to other people: Awesome ideas for making comic book purses.  Especially the leather-and-tshirt-print idea.  Thanks!!


  1. Those are seriously amazing. So, there was a Threads article recently on covering shoes with fabric. I thought it quite weird at the time, but suddenly I see the genius. Comic book fabric + cheap leather wedges = amazing.

  2. Fail you? Fail you? All day long you sit, no, even stomp around on my back! I give you everything from the food you guzzle down to the air you waste complaining about what I provide you with, and I failed YOU? Give me a break. Pull yourself together and stop wailing about all the things you want, want, want, want. Me, me, me. That's all i hear from you. I make stuff for you all the time. You don't even bother to notice it, let alone be thankful. When did YOU last make anything? Come on, let's see it then! Look at that KD lady. See how much stuff she makes all the time. She looks at those shoes and works out how to do it herself. Straight off. So now quit your silly procrastination and get your hands dirty. And that's your last warning from me, young lady. I just won't be listening to this nonsense any more.

  3. You are dead to me, world. Dead.

  4. I like that. Especially since the boring cork sides of wedges are often a non-starter for me (not that I'm allowed to buy shoes right now anyway)

    I think my comic-book of choice would have to be old Conan the Barbarian comics, though. *hangs head in shame*

  5. I told you, I'm not listening.

  6. Thanks for your kindness after my blog-melt-down! I'd like to see your version of these shoes.
    I'll update you on my blogroll too! It is going to take me some time to rebuild it.


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