Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Cookie For A Cookie… it’s like Hammurabi. You know… Hammurabi.

So y’know how sometimes you think to yourself, “Self, that there actor is interesting.  And sort of… interesting.  In an… interesting sort of way…”  And then you don’t ever really think about that particular actor much ever again?

Did you watch Masterpiece Mystery this past week?  They’re running BBC’s “Case Histories”.  You should check it out.  ‘Cause seriously:


lucius malfoy

Lucius Malfoy?



Michael Caffee?


that guy from the patriot

That scary guy from The Patriot?

I mean, fine.  Jason Isaacs is a good lookin’ dude.   But….  evil villains… not really my type.


(Government-sanctioned psychopathic killers?  Totally my type.


But I digress.

You’re welcome.)


Annnnyway…. Jason Isaacs.  Case Histories.  The good guy.

case histories


I want one for Christmas.

We leave cookies for Santa.  I think Santa should, y’know, reciprocate.


  1. I'll have to check this one out. We like Inspector Lewis, because, you know...I want to eat Laurence Fox (DS Hathaway) with a spoon. ;-)

  2. It's about time you admitted DC was mine.


    Lucius Malfoy with tats.... who'da thunk it? Sort of shocking how hot he is. I'm speechless.

    Sorry, I had to scroll back up and check again. Yup. Still speechless. Mmmm.

  3. I don't know these guys, but I really like David Strathairn. I first noticed him in a movie called "Limbo," and in the movie "Judgment."

    I will have to put out some cookies, too...

  4. Nom, nom.

    Ok now I'm going to be fantasizing about 300-style movie interpretations of Sumerian and Babylonian history...

  5. I am all for evil villians myself. Even those with bad hair. Like Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men. And the French dude in Matrix 2. Although he had good hair. And accent. Can't beat an evil villian with an accent. Except maybe Dr Evil.

  6. Who knew? Boy, the things I learn on blogs. Thanks for sharing this very interesting fact!

  7. Well, I was wondering if those tattoos were real and decided to "google" about it. And here I am. Suddenly not exactly interested in tattoos anymore. Let's switch to triceps and so on... :P
    You girls are so funny! Happy to stumbled upon this page :D

  8. And sorry for not proofreading my rubbish English before sending the comment.
    Cut me some slack, I was distracted... :P

  9. @Sara— giiiiiirl, I totally understand the distraction. Also, I have been absolutely CONTROLLING myself to not google whether those tatoos are real or not. Although I’m dying to know. So please enlighten us!!!

  10. HAHAHA... I'm 15 years old again LOL

    OK, I'll sacrifice myself and google some images.


    I just found a photo of him that was supposedly taken last month (someone blogging about and exhibit or something, with various famous people) and the tattoo on the left forearm isn't there.


    Heck, what a tiny watch @_@ me thinks, it's not a watch...

    Back to tattoos, the ones on the biceps always looked a bit too bright to be real...

    *mumble mumble*

    Anyway, no worries ladies, if I ever cross him in London when he's back over here, I'll ask him LOL

  11. Hello?

    Echo echo...

    Earth calling Beangirl.
    Earth calling Beangirl.
    Beangirl, do you copy?



    *FedEx'ing CPR unit*

  12. Hmmph! I knew those were too clean. Disappointment abounds.


    Thank you, Sara, for that exhuastive research. We appreciate how difficult it must have been-- uh. well. you know. We appreciate it.

  13. It was exhausting, indeed :P

    I didn't know you get Case Histories overseas. They are working on another episode, not sure how long it will be, plus the stories in the books have been 'rewritten' for the small screen. The location is different, timeline is different... lotsa changes. Both enjoyable, though, as he reads all the audiobooks *nudge nudge wink wink*

    I start thinking that the stories on the TV adaptations are slightly easier to follow because they knew we'd get distracted. No way I could have followed some more complicated cases... *rolleyes*

  14. He is pretty. I saw him up close once (and by up close I mean I could see up his nostril) and he is prettier in person. And slightly like a giant. His nose was clean, btw.

  15. OK, seriously? You're just going to drop that in the pot with no further explanation about why you were looking up some random celebrity's nose??

    You are evil.

    Pure evil.

    No no... I used to think you were funny and charming... but now I know better....

  16. A giant?!
    See up his nostrils?!

    I don't know if I'm intrigued or scared now LOL

    This thread keeps getting better and better... :P

  17. www.pbs.org! I caught the end of a show Sunday and now Im totally hooked! he is so very handsome here.. in HP not so much but wow! I'd very much appreciate seeing more of him now!


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