Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skirts. Yep. Skirts.

I made TLo a couple of skirts last week.  I used a pattern I've used at least three or four times in the past four years or so.

Ottobre 4-2006 #27Ottobre 4-2006 #27

You'd think, wouldn't you, that if I've made this skirt at least four or five times that I'd have something interesting to say about it... right?  Something enlightening or dramatic or at least just witty.

I'm having trouble coming up with anything.

So here's what I have to say about this skirt: I made this in about 2 hours.  Including tracing.  Which means a normal person (like you... yes, you!) could make this in about... 25 minutes.

That's pretty awesome.

Here's the school-appropriate version I made first:


It’s khaki twill.  And khaki twill.  With khaki topstitching.  You’re seeing a theme here, right?

Here's the weekend-appropriate version I made next:


It’s green and green-and-floral twill.   I forgot to sew ribbon around the bottom of this one (which I had to skip on the first one anyway because I simply couldn't find any that matched... er... in my closet.  That was about as much effort as I wanted to put into that.)  I'll maybe get some ribbon this weekend and add it around the hemline, it's a nice little detail.

This is what a zombie baby looks like after a night of wild binging on Halloween candy.


I tried to get a picture of the other one, but when I turned the light on she hissed and flung her arms over her arms and ran skulking into the closet to hide.  Awesome.


  1. I particularly like the weekend version!

  2. So as you know I do sometimes read Beangirl's blog. Not so much since she's clearly turned into a stalker of English actors these days, but I happened across todays's post and all I have to say is GOOD GRIEF WOMAN, WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING OUR CHILDREN???

  3. I think the girls' school dress-code is similar to my "business wear" dress code, I'm getting ideas! Unfortunately, if that skirt took you 2 hours, including tracing, it would probably take me 2 days. Seriously.

  4. Oh I LOVE this! It reminds me of that website in that language I can't decipher...you know the one. where they make all of these freakishly adorable little girls clothes in reds and pinks and turquoise...with amazing trim, neither of which we can find in the states.

    To be fair to TheHusband, half the English actors mentioned heretofore MINIMUM are technically mine anyway.

    No matter what you think.

  5. @ The Husband: Brains. Of course.

    @ AngieA: you just described about twenty blogs and websites. Also, they are NOT yours.

    @ everyone else: thanks!


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