Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Fabric Hog. No, I’m Not Talking About Myself. Sheesh.

I made TLo two more dress/top/tunic thingies.  For once I was rather clever in my planning (and by "planning" I mean I actually thought about what I was going to do for more than five seconds before I started doing it).  TLo really needs some winter "weekend" clothes, but she could use a few warmer school uniform items as well so... I cleverly decided to make the first tunic in a solid knit, with the theory that she could both wear it to school and on the weekend and if it fit I could use a more interesting knit for other versions.

I know.  Shocking concept.  I like to think outside the box like that.  I am a rebel.

I was so excited to be making weekend clothes that doubled as school clothes that I got all giddy and didn't really think about how that would effect my fabric usage.  I’ve really been wanting to make the girls some weekend knit clothes because I have heaps of end-bits and odd-pieces of knits in bright florals and stripes and such that I am desperate to get out of the sewing room (so as to facilitate the guilt-free purchasing of new knits, of course... I'm willing to admit that my motives aren't in any way selfless). 

I had to pick through all the many many many cute knit patterns I have (curse you, Ottobre Design!).  And so of course I chose this pattern because I thought it would be flattering on TLo... which it is.  It’s the right proportion in the body, the right length of skirt and the extra-wide collar lets her wear a turtleneck despite her no-neck situation (sadly, she takes after her mother in this).

6-2011-18Ottobre Design 6-2011 #18

All good so far.   Famous last words because, Lo!  Due to  the shape of the skirt, in size 122 length/146 width the pattern takes one-and-a-half yards of knit.  With a lot of waste. Of all those piles of odd-ball knits, I hardly had anything that was long enough for this.  Instead of using up half-yards and odd bits, I ended up creating even more.


Anyway, here's the first version:


Here's TLo "posing":


And here she is doing… the merengue!  Ole!


I made a cute second version in a black mini-floral knit with a slightly less-puffy sleeve, but I didn't get a photo of it yet.   They're both a little big in the shoulder, but I figure that's better than too small.  In person this is very cute on TLo, so we're going with a "win" on this one.  Despite the fabric-hogginess of it all. 

Because I’ll probably have to buy some more solid knits in longer lengths. 

You know.  To make a few more versions for school.


Don’t judge me!


  1. Definitely a win! It's very cute on her - both the style and color. Too bad I don't have this issue...resisting clicking over to the Otto site right now.

  2. Way cute! I've been thinking about making this one for Myra, and now I definitely will. She's shaped a lot like TLo...
    And I need an excuse to buy more fabric, too.

  3. Sometimes you have to buy fabric to use other fabric up--or something like that. . .

  4. Very cute and practical! Love this color on her too.

  5. Winter appropriate, uniform appropriate and it makes her feel like dancing THE MERENGUE, this is a major triumph!

  6. It makes up into a really cute dress on her. I bet it is comfortable too. Why can't she wear prints in school? (You may have explained all this ages ago, but I am new onboard!)

  7. Love this! I have been eyeing that pattern since receiving the winter issue but can't make my mind up on fabric.

  8. Very cute, and such a great model! I love thumbing through my Ottobres; unfortunately I hardly make anything these days...

  9. I think it's fabulous!!! It must be crazy comfortable too :)

  10. Very cute! She's shaped very much like my daughter!
    I could see this done in several different prints and solids combinations, depending on how much you have of each. You could even split the skirt into sections if that would mean you could use smaller pieces (or alternate solid and pattern), etc.

  11. Does your daughter know how to pose or what! Seriously cute dress. Definately a winner!

  12. Ok this is seriously adorable. How did I miss this? Could you do sleeves/bodice/neckband in a solid and floral in the skirt for just weekend? Or, if it was me, I'd do stripe on the top and floral on the bottom. :) But I'm wacky like that.

    Which is fitting, because my word ver is wackya. That's me. Wacky A.

  13. I like that tunic! The collar would be flattering on no-neck me as well, must look for a similar pattern.


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