Monday, November 21, 2011

Famous Engineering Disasters Throughout History

In 1889 the Northern-Pacific railway company proposed the building of a trestle bridge to span the Tacoma Narrows.  They didn't get one.   However, in 1940 the world's third-longest suspension bridge was opened spanning the Tacoma Narrows.  It was an engineering marvel.

The moral of this story?  Sometimes a good plan just doesn't end well.

The entire third grade is generously being treated with a field trip next week. They're all going to the annual production of The Nutcracker and to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  The permission slip instructs that they should wear "holiday dress clothes" or "good everyday clothes".
Apparently all the boys wanted to wear tuxedos.   They were vetoed.

The Big One doesn't really have anything fancy to wear, because she has a bad mother.  So her bad mother, in a fit of rare guilt, agreed to make her a dress out of The Big One's most favorite fabric ever: polyester black stretch panné velvet.

The Big One is, in fact, the reincarnation of Stevie Nicks.  If Stevie Nicks is dead.  Is Stevie Nicks still alive?

Anyway, this was the plan:

Ottobre 4-2010-10

This is what she got:



And of course, this is now The Big One's most favorite dress ever.  She wore it to school today for "free dress day".  She was desperate to know if I could get it washed by Thursday so she can wear it again for Thanksgiving.  She'll probably wear it every weekend for the next six months.

It looks like a bad cassock.

I have total and complete sympathy with the engineers of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.


  1. Stevie Nicks is still alive. :) ANd you will be happy to know that there are now TWO Tacoma Narrows Bridges, only 15 minutes from me and they both avoid looking like ribbons twisting in the wind,

  2. But they're still terrifying to drive across...

    I always hated crossing the Narrows bridge when we lived there.

    TBo is rocking the goth look though. She needs black nail polish. That would be awesome.

  3. she needs those boots that Bellatrix Lestrange wore in the Deathly Hallows to complete the look, which is AWESOME.

  4. Tacoma dress? Just look at the smile on this child's face--pure joy. This just may be one of your great successes!

  5. I think it's good dress for a not-so-little girl. She looks a bit like Stevie in her heyday; didn't Stevie have blonde bangs, too?

  6. You only have to look at TBO's face to see that the dress is perfect! Well done! Careful with the twirling, though--don't want to get any aeroelastic flutter going there!

  7. She looks like she is having a FABULOUS time in this - so well done, Mom, for making her so completely happy! I hope it's not too much of a pain to wash because it looks like you might be doing that often :)

  8. Give her a lacy shawl with 3 foot long fringe on it and frizz out her hair. THEN she'll look like Stevie Nicks. And send the pic to Stevie because, ya know, she should have retired that look long ago.

  9. Ha ha ha - she really is a little Stevie Nicks, isn't she???

  10. The smile says it all! And I'd say you've crossed the bridge into good mother territory! Look out, no going back now:)

  11. LOL @ the Bellatrix ref.
    Goth, me likes! :D
    **end of telegraphically cryptic comment**

  12. Well done - it fits well and she looks such a happy girl in her new dress! I don't know if she would read your comments... but wouldn't it be cool to have this dress in a few more colours of that stretch panne velvet? (Sorry)

  13. Oh, yeah! You have two children! ;)

    I'm sure Tyo would be happy to share some of her black nail polish...

    Not to mention the sparkly red bridesmaid dress she liberated from my closet and wore to her last picture day... (Now if only I could convince her to wear it for her gr. 6 grad this year, I wouldn't feel impelled to make her a fancy dress for that...)

    At least you know she'll wear it like crazy. ;)

  14. Aw, it's cute and she looks so happy! Love the leggings she paired it with, good sense of style on that one.

  15. Oh shush up you! That dress is adorable and I love the Stevie Nicks twirl she's giving it.

  16. I love crushed panné. Seriously, the only thing I have made out of it right now is pajamas, but I would make the majority of my wardrobe out of it and happily wear it if I was in my first decade. I love her dress and think she looks splendid (the nerdlet's favorite word right now).


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