Sunday, November 6, 2011

Since Angie A. Beat Me To It…

…and already snagged AC/DC, I’m going with “Shake Rattle And Roll”.  I always did have sort of a soft spot for that psychotic pedophile anyway.  No wait.  That was Jerry Lee Lewis. 

I love Bill Haley.

This is an awesome clip, apparently from a Mexican movie.  Check out the clothes, Daddy-O!


Last night we had a 5.6 earthquake, apparently centered directly between me and Angie A.    The house was a-rockin’ people. (Oooo, could have gone with Stevie Ray Vaughn on that one too…) 

Angie agrees that it was probably caused by my blasphemously trash-talking Daniel Craig earlier that evening.

Fine.  She hasn’t agreed with me on that yet.  But I’m confident she will.

Just in case, I take back all the mean things I said about Daniel Craig and I promise to never, ever think bad thoughts about him again.


You know. 

Some bad thoughts, of a certain sort, might slip through.  

I am not a nun, people.


  1. We felt that third earthquake up here in Kansas City. It was bizarre, to say the least. I have had the house shake many time due to strong windstorms but never had the interior contents sway too. No more of that, thankyouverymuch.

  2. We were in the sewing room last night when the quake happened. I didn't feel it, since my chair is wobbly anyway, but my hubby did. I thought he was being silly when he said that he thought we had a quake, this is Kansas for Pete's sake! Might have been a more interesting experience if we'd have been upstairs--the basement was barely fazed.

  3. And I thought this blog was about sewing dresses for kids?!

    Just kidding... :P

    Anyway, I hope you are safe there. I've felt earthquakes twice in my life and their are... well, weird :/
    During one that happened at around 11pm, I thought my dog was leaning on the bed while scratching himself, but when I looked, there was no dog. Whoops... Then the following morning I heard on the news there had been an earthquake 20km away. Heck!

    Off-topic PS: I'm preparing an anti-DC-trash-talking package for your non-nun self :P

  4. heh. Bill Haley works too. And I can't help it I'm YOUNGER so obviously FASTER.


    It WAS totally your fault for the DC trash talkapalooza. You should apologize to Sparks.

  5. Earthquakes scare me. Especially creepy ones not associated with continental plate boundaries.


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