Friday, April 9, 2010

Fast AND Easy

Have you ever wondered if you’re a Pattern Whor---?  Um.  A Pattern Floozy?  (Ooooo.  “Floozy”.)

I have a lot of patterns.  Patterns for things I will never, ever make.    Am I really going to make a car seat organizer? Or velcro paperdolls? I think I can definitively say, "No.  No, I am not."  I know that most of the patterns I have, I probably will never use.  I view them more as collectibles, not so much as functional items.

But then sometimes I really do get some use out of a pattern.  Take this one:

fastandeasygo to Butterick 4176

I've owned this pattern for about four years.  It's still in print.  This is telling, right?  I've made some version of this top at least five times since I’ve owned it.  (I probably would have made it more, but I’m easily bored.)  We’ve already established that I’m thrify.  Using one pattern for four whole years?  Totally thriftyawesome!

And here’s the latest version.  Last week it was 92 on at least two days.  (Right.  Ninety. Two.)  This is the last item from The Big One's Great Uniform SWAP.  She didn't wear it all winter because it's cotton lawn.  Perfect for a 92-degree “spring” in Texas.

(When you ask The Big One to “show off her dress” you get something that looks like a prisoner-of-war mugshot.)


I added a little collar because the uniform policy requires one.  It’s just a simple flat collar finished with bias binding at the neckline.  Otherwise, I think I mostly made this as-is.  Well, I think I added a cuff to the sleeve instead of the elastic they used.


I then tested out some decorative stitches with my Brother.   -yawn-

All in all, this pattern was a good bargain.  It’s sized 2, 3, 4, 5, which with the Big4’s humongous sizing means I can probably keep making this dress for The Big One until she’s at least, what… 16?  Thriftyawesomeness!  And here she is, our delicate size 4 flower:


People at work wonder why I show up in the morning looking frazzled.  I’d like to see you deal with Zombie Girl every morning and be, you know, groomed.  Or coherent.


  1. Pretty! I like the idea of uniform guidelines rather than a strict one-outfit deal. (Which I hated from age 11 - 18)

    And, Um, zombie girl looks a lot like one of mine in the mornings, but I figure 10 is a bit young to start force feeding the girl coffee.

  2. I love that pattern! Used it last summer, and will use it again this summer! Cute dress, and cute kid. Even with the zombie face, she's a keeper!
    (word verfication: arvalis
    Does that sound like a "performance enhancing" drug to you? "Arvalis. For those spontaneous special moments..." Sorry, totally inappropriate. Please excuse...

  3. I have that pattern! Do I have a child that will fit in it? Not yet, but she'll grow! I think that puts me squarely in the pattern floozy camp...

    I'm laughing at Kristine's word ver! Mine is dednest - perhaps a euphemism for someone with a need for Arvalis?

  4. LOL at "Arvalis" and "dednest"!!

    ROFLOL!!! MY word ver. is "zinflat"! That's what the dednest has that requires the Arvalis.

  5. Very pretty little dress! The collor looks perfect!

  6. Geez, I could have wrote those first sentences! I am a total pattern whore. I am not ashamed.

    Cute dress and kid even though she looks like she's about to fall over asleep or kick your ass...

    word ver is toretill... I can't think of anything clever for that one.

  7. You should see my big one's piccy poses. Very Grim. Only a mother could love him when he's posing. I love the pattern - gorgeous dress.

  8. hahaha!! I'm a pattern whore, she's a pattern whore, wouldn't you like to be a whore too? Drink Dr. Pepper!

    Even first word ver had "juic" at the end, and what with all the Arvalis treatment, was just too EW. So I refreshed and got a yawn-worthy word ver, so I refreshed AGAIN and got...wait for it...

    persist. heh.

  9. I like the contrast-Zombie Girl's dead(pan) expression and the hyper-cheerfulness of her very pink dress. Has she asked you to start sewing her gear in black yet?

    Big in Japan

  10. We are dfinintely working up to Goth. She's already expressed an interest in black clothes (whereas Super Cheerful TLo won't even consider clothes that have black in them). Her favorite music on our iPod right now is: Led Zepplin. The Clash. The Ramones. The Levellers. And, yes, The Pogues. We're thinking of changing her name to Maggot and giving her a green mohawk.

  11. That's pretty much how I look in the mornings. i wish I had somebody else to get me ready instead of having to do it myself.

  12. I'll be looking for this pattern, looks like a good go-to for at least a few summers. I rarely use my dec stitches but it looks cute and makes a solid look less, solid?

    As for mornings with kids, mine are chirpy and happy and hungry, like they saved up all night and spill it when they come downstairs. Yay....


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