Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm not even going to bother making TLo any more t-shirts, because I'm pretty sure as soon as school is out (in exactly one month), she will downright refuse to put anything on her body that has a sleeve.  Actually, I correct that: she did allow that a cap sleeve (which she didn't know the word for but, based on her highly dramatic pantomime, very clearly understood the definition of) was an acceptable form of sleevage.  But nothing else will make the cut.

Because TLo has become obsessed with summer dresses.  Sundresses, to be exact. She is not interested in having any part of her shoulders or back covered.  With one notable exception:


Today (for the third time in a row) she has insisted that she wear her white cardigan with only the top button done.  Why, you ask?  "Because it looks the most cute that way, Mom."  Clearly the unspoken end of that sentence was "you fashionless cretin".  (This fashionista attitude is backed up by's "How To Look Stylish In A Cardigan" article, in which item number 4 is: "Experiment with buttoning just the top button or two for a casual, fashion forward look."   Although taking fashion advice not only from, but from a medical doctor as well, does somewhat make me question the expertise factor.)

I've decided for my own self-preservation to not tell TLo about the existence of sweater clips.



  1. She's too cute!! What a little fashionista!

    And what's wrong with taking fashion advice from an MD anyway??? Some of us peruse the occasional issue of Vogue - after we finish the New England Journal.

  2. HA! Of course I heart this. I might have to sneak her a set of sweater guards. ;)

  3. LOL Katie, I knew you'd pounce on that. But more it was the fact that there's a whole article on "fashion know-how" and then I realized it's written by an MD...? They couldn't get, like, a fashion designer or something? I mean, there are probably lots of designers who have moderately good common sense when it comes to medical issues, but I'm not sure I'd expect to see their opinions posted in favor of an MD! ;-)

  4. How funny! My DD will be all about tank tops too in a few weeks. Of course I can't MAKE her any cause that would be just so totally gross and lame...

  5. Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny they got a doctor to write that. I mean, she's pretty and all, but does she have any other actual qualifications in that area? I hope she was at least a dermatologist or something...


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