Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Texas. Oklahoma. Texoma! Get It?

People Of Texoma, I Call On You!  Uh.  Or at least, I very humbly would like to ask you a question… and my apologies  to the non-Texomans who read this, of which I'm pretty sure 99.9% of you are.  Just bear with me today.  Today is all about blatant regionalism. 

Right.  What are we talking about?  Oh yeah.

PEOPLE OF TEXOMA, I CALL ON YOU... to help me think of interesting and cheap things to do during my mother-in-law's visit this August.  Yes.  I said August.  She's visiting us in August.  The hottest part of the year.  She is a flippin' lunatic.  (Really it's just that the third week in August is the only week that The Husband isn't in school 10 hours a day, so that's when she's coming.  Although I can't really say that means my mother-in-law isn't a lunatic, because she is.  Bless her stubby little heart.)

We want to do something fun but not horribly expensive, preferably in the nearby area and preferably something we haven't done a dozen times before (i.e. going to the Dallas and/or the Fort Worth Zoo). 

So far I have on my list:

Science Museum Oklahoma  (OKC)


We went there once about 8 years ago and weren't hugely impressed, but I've heard it's been improved a great deal since then.  I have no recollection, for instance, of the World’s Tallest Spiral Slide, which I think I would remember.   The Big One and TLo are both interested in stars and planets, so they would probably also like the planetarium (even though on our previous visit, we were subjected to what I can only call The Most Bizarre Planetarium Show I Have Ever Had To Endure-- to give you an idea, my mother and I were giggling so hard by the end that we were almost asked to leave. It was a bad, bad show).

Fossil Rim Wildlife Area (Glen Rose)

Fossil Rim

I thought we'd all like some sort of guided tour (not cheap but not super-expensive and something everyone will enjoy as far as I can tell) and the kiddos would love the fossil digging expedition.

The Dallas World Aquarium Zoo (Dallas)


We actually did this last year, but had to go on a holiday and it was so crowded that it wasn't as enjoyable as it might have been.  I was hoping on a weekday in August it would be better.  It's a very cool zoo.


And that's what I have so far.  I, of course, was totally willing to spend the entire day at Golden D'Or, but for some reason everyone else thinks this is dumb.  Sheesh.

So there you have it.  My exhaustive list of things to do in North Texas for relatively little money with two young children and a crazy English lady from New Zealand.  Any other suggestions??  Please help!  (I'm looking at you North Texas lurkers... now's your time to shine, people.)


  1. I can testify that the OKC Science Museum is vastly improved since your previous visit. The OKC Zoo is next door, but it's, ya know, outside. Up the road a little bit is the Western Heritage museum, which has lots of hands-on stuff for kids as well as some amazing art. ( I'll keep an eye open for any groupon offers between now and then for you.

  2. August??? Who wants to come here in August?!? All of the fun things I can think of involve the out of doors, which is totally out of the question for a non-Texan in August. That said, if you are willing to go that far South, San Antonio boasts both Fiesta Texas/Six Flags and Sea World. Both are outdoor, but super fun. Waco has a nice-ish museum on the Baylor campus that is indoor, but mostly geared toward the kids. The zoo in Waco is decent as well and very well shaded.

    Oh and thanks for the offer to trace! I'm really glad I sprung for this issue (all 5 bucks on PR), since I just traced a pair of capris and have plans to make at least 3 more blouses and a dress from it. It's packed with Katie friendly stuff!

  3. Well, I live nowhere near "Texoma" and haven't been anywhere near since I was a kid. But, my parents were recently there (visiting family) and they went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Area and they LOVED it! I think they said they had a giraffe or a zebra stick its head right inside their jeep. That sounds so cool to me!

  4. Oklahoma has a decent travel & tourism website! You should go over there and order their travel guides. OKC has several (the places mentioned above have brochures and stuff too). They'll send em to ya for free!

  5. You know I'm without a realistic clue, of course. BUT, as someone living far away, in a nation of people with very distorted ideas of America, just day to day stuff can be interesting. (Not sure if the lunatic has ever been to the US) The supermarket is an endless source of amazement for Japanese visitors, everything is huge and cheap. My other suggestion, as something I would like to do, is go to some sort of Texas BBQ. Maybe that's just my own Texas myth?

    Big in Japan

  6. Thanks for all the suggestions and hints so far!! (Ha and I knew there were some lurkers out there, howdy!) You've been VERY helpful.

    (And yes, the MIL has been here before, but only here- in this part of the US I mean- so she has a really warped sense of the country. Because we know Texans are nuts! LOL And yes, there is a lot of BBQ to be had, and I don't know that we've ever thought to take her to one since we don't eat it much ourselves. Good plan!)

  7. Admission to the Oklahoma Science Museum is on sale today! Here's the Groupon link:

    Kris O

  8. really late to this party but I'm mystified why anyone would want to be in southern Oklahoma in August unless of course you live there and can't escape. I suggest you float on the lake slathered in sunscreen with a cooler of cold drinks tethered to your air mattress or tube. You can also stay in your cabin under a fan, moaning and sighing every few minutes about the heat.
    (btw love your blog)


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