Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friend of the Devil

This week my parental paranoia is in overdrive.  I've heard two different stories about acquaintances' children who have been (allegedly) sexually assaulted by the adults who supposedly should be caring for them-- in one case a school coach and in another the father of the victim.  This is depressing and scary, especially as in the case of the father, this person had contact with my children.  Which, as my husband has told me repeatedly, has little impact on us.  The child he (allegedly) assaulted is not a minor and my impression is that this wasn't a factor, but that makes no difference to me really... and most certainly not to the victim.

Even my mother said to me last week "It's getting so you're too afraid to let your kids out of the house."  Which is normally not an attitude she subscribes to at all.  But times change.  When I was The Big One's age we just lived a different life.  I know that bad things happened then too, but it seemed like the world was kinder and gentler to us. 

In waxing nostalgic for the rosy past, I have The Grateful Dead stuck in my head today (which I guess is about as bad as Fugazi but infinitely superior to the Taylor Swift that was stuck in there yesterday - thanks to vocal stylings of TLo: SUPERSTAR!).

So check it out: A very grainy (and apparently French) "Friend of the Devil".  As performed by Ministry.

You heard me.  I said Ministry.

go to www.dailymotion.com

Duuuuuude.  I totally saw them groove at the Country Fair.  No wait.  I didn't.  Who WAS that then?  Wow.  Now I remember why I don't go to the Country Fair.

go to www.oregoncountryfair.org


And now I'm off to paint a rainbow on my face or something.  Peace out, people.  Think good thoughts.


  1. Um, scary is right!! I can't even express how much the idea of someone hurting my babies like that terrifies me. I spent far too much time training in ghetto ERs and doing rape kits on 6 year old boys to trust anyone. I'm not sure how I'm going to send them to school...

  2. I truly can't get around the idea that people are so sick!!! However, my own dad (in a drunken stupor) tried things with me when I was about 10. I knew it wasn't right, but he was my dad. He didn't get very far, (being so drunk, I guess) but it has never left my memory. I never told anyone at the time. I never told my mother. My sister says that similar things happened to her.

  3. Been thinking a lot about fear-mongering over on this side of the pond too.


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