Thursday, June 17, 2010

Call Me Quasibeangirl

I've completely given up trying to get a photo of myself with decent hair.  It's apparently just not possible.  Um.  I guess it would help if I quit taking pictures of myself with wet hair.  But at 6:30 in the morning, time is limited and you have to grab two minutes with the camera when you can.  

Bonus: I also look like a deranged serial killer.  (Now you know why most of my pictures don’t have heads, Angie A.)

These are photos of my second attempt at version 2 of my Perfect T-Shirt Pattern (the one with darts-converted-to-smocking).   It was pretty clear from the outset of my first attempt that the fabric was going to be difficult.  The results proved that. 

holy hell that's ugly

For the second attempt I decided to try sturdier fabric, so I used a very pretty cobalt blue ITY that I found on sale at Hancock's.

next on America's Most Wanted

This was helpful in terms of fit and drape.  Unfortunately, this fabric is nigh on impossible to hem without a coverstitch machine, which I couldn't be bothered to set up.  Mostly because I didn't have matching thread.  So I didn't have anything to set it up with.  Hence, I hemmed it with my sewing machine.  Rather disastrously, as it turns out.  Clearly I'm going to have to pick out that hem and do something else with it.

hunchback error

That photo also points out the major flaw with my Perfect T-Shirt Pattern: namely that because I am a hunchback (i.e. I have to do a rounded back and rounded upper back adjustment) I ended up with my usual extra 1" at the neckline.  Normally in a woven I would either take a smart dart under the collar or do a center back seam.  Neither of which is so great for a t-shirt.  I was hoping I could ease the extra into the neck binding, but as you can see it didn't work.  I'm going to have to rethink my plans for this.


Otherwise, this top drapes much better than the other one which is all the result of fabric... since they're otherwise identical. 


I'm willing to keep working on it, at any rate.


I still hate hair.  I think baldness is highly underrated.


  1. Beanster, the blue is fantastic on you. Sorry if you've already thought of this, but have you tried doing hand basting followed by stitching with a twin needle for the hem?

    What's so "quasi" about your beanitude today?

  2. I think you are getting there! Amazing the difference fabric makes. Frightening the difference fabric makes!

    I'm not seeing the hunchback, could be you are a teeny bit over critical a common fault with those in the throes of fitting. I was just about to suggest twin needle, but the voice of experience has already suggested that one.

    Hair today, gone tomorrow. You want to try bald? Go for it. It'll grow back. Bonus, you'll probably embarass your children.


    Hey! My word verification is "comedamp"!

  3. Or you could leave it unhemmed, or try a rolled hem on the overlocker, or stabilizer while you sew to be ripped out after... I think you're being too critical too, but I sympathize with the beanitude (hehehe, SS is so clever!)

  4. As I echo those who come before... Fabulous color!! Twin needle (although I have trouble with those on ITY, it's not quite as secure). And hee hee to baldness embarrassing your children.

  5. This blue version turned out very nice. Fer sure fabric makes all the difference. You bet.

    There must be some way to account for the rounded "uniqueness" in the pattern itself.

    I had a friend in grade school whose mom wore a wig - simply because she didn't like her hair much. Seeing a you're handy, maybe you could draft a wig.

  6. Tag, you're it! If you want to play I've tagged you on my blog. If you want to tell me where to get off, feel free.

  7. Love it! Is the length different? the blue is just fabulous. You could have a center back seam in a t-shirt, if it will make the fit at the neck better who cares, right?

    I put interfacing in my hems and then hem them either with a twin needle or two passes with a single. g

  8. I don't see the trouble with the upper back, are you being overcritical or does the photo not do justice? Great color and good fit, thumbs up. Hey you could always just skip the hem and cut the bottom into fringes. ha ha ha Sorry, rocker chick has taken over the keyboard!

    Big in Japan

  9. Have you any fusible interfacing that you could use in the hem? Open to a suggestion? raise or lower the hem so it doesn't hit at the widest part of your hips. If that is OK with you then I'd just cut off the hem and make it a tad shorter with the fusible in the hem area


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