Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Seriously?  I just spent about twenty minutes trying to find a video clip of one of the old Nair “Short-shorts” commercial.  Twenty minutes, people.  I mean, I have a life.  I do not have endless spare time to find these things just for your entertainment.


I don’t care that you didn’t ask me to find it.  Sheesh.

So last week I went through all the girls’ clothes again in order to finally, once and for all, cull out all the miscellaneous unwanted summer clothes… you know, the size 3 t-shirts that are too small even for The Big One… the size 2 (I kid you not, size TWO) shorts that The Big One wore through the end of last summer… the totally cute tops made out of adorable quilting fabric that no one would wear…. that kind of stuff. 

Then, as is my wont, I bagged up all the discards into a big ol’ yard bag (or in this case a medium ol’ trash bag) in preparation for sending them to the Mission.  And of course, because I’ve been working like a crazy woman all this week, the bag has continued to sit in the laundry room to this very day.

Apparently The Big One has had the sudden realization that I do, in fact, GIVE AWAY HER OLD CLOTHES.  She never noticed this before?  Even when I routinely toss clothing into giant bags and then explain in a loud voice, “I’M TAKING THESE CLOTHES TO THE MISSION”?  Based on her behavior over the past week, I’m going to have to go with “No.  She had not.”

Every day this week an item of too-small or never-worn clothing has mysteriously appeared in The Big One’s dresser drawers.  I, being the Mean Mom that I am, immediately transferred said items back to the Mission Bag.  And the next morning, a new item would find it’s sad, weary way back to the dresser drawer.

Finally, I decided to take pity on one single item.  And this is it:

Ottobre-3-2008-3-front Ottobre 3-2008 #3


I made these two years ago.  No one would wear them.  Ever.  Until today.


The fact that they now fit so well might (maybe) explain why no one wanted to wear them two years ago.  Maybe.

And this image below is  (rather typically) what I got when I instructed The Big One to “turn sideways” so I could get a side-view shot:


She is so literal. 


  1. My kids are traumatized by the good-will bag, too. I had to start telling them I was just "organizing".

    Well, the shorts are really cute - and they fit!

  2. Those are cute! Myra has a pair from last summer that she can still wear. Did you put on the bum ruffles? Might not be age appropriate for The Big One...

  3. Why does this make me think that your mother may have once uttered the dreaded curse "I hope one day you have a child Just Like You!" Or something similar. Hehehe, I like this kid.

  4. Oh how I remember going through clothes and hoping to find enough to fit each of the three girls to at least last them till I could get to the store or till my sister sent me hand-me-downs from her girls. Whew! I don't envy you. My daughter just went through this process the other day.

  5. Put the bag in the car, already! LOL

  6. Does it surprise you that I would wear those shorts?


    I didn't think so.

    ps...hahahaha!! She IS sideways so you can't really complain! :P

  7. I'm glad the shorts are receiving their proper love and devotion!

  8. Rookie error! Put that bag in the car or garage without delay! Those shorts are so cute, and short bloomers seem to have come back into fashion this season - it must have been fate!

  9. Cutie pie! Sideways :) They are cute shorts. Funny timing, I just donated some newborn clothes (among other things) to the annual church fayre (it's an Irish church) today and a few days ago. The fayre is tomorrow at St Anthony's in Kraainem for its name saint's day.


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