Monday, June 21, 2010

A-shopping We Will Go.

So besides shampoo, Saturday we went to Golden D’Or.  Plus, someone else paid for my stuff so I don’t really see how a day could get any better.  (I did try to pay for my own stuff, but my mom wouldn’t let me.  Twist my arm!)

I was on a mission to find some knit prints in colors that weren’t intended for pasty-pale blond people (I will be so glad when the color trends swing away from the “spring” and “autumn” color groups… I. Am. A. Winter.)

I managed to find these pieces (I could probably have found more, but my mom wasn’t totally interested in spending multiple hours in the fabric store):


From top left: raspberry-red slinky (3 yards), GORGEOUS midnight blue slinky (4 yards), black/white polka dot poly blend (2 yards), black/white grid pattern poly blend (1.5 yards), multi-colored square poly blend (2 yards), pink/white/black (1.5 yards)

The color on the slinky just does not translate in photos, it is absolutely dense with color and totally beautiful, especially the blue.

In the bargain room I got:

fabric-haul-4 fabric-haul-5

Ultra-fine deep red lawn/batiste—so thin it’s practically gauze (4 yards for $10!) and  black sequined border lawn—the border is on both selvedges (3 yards).  Tunics ahoy!

We also got two things for the Evil Monkeys (even though they have tons of fabric already):


Black/white and orange/orange poly knit with velour circles.  Black for Goth Girl (that would be The Big One) and orange for red-headed TLo (despite her refusal to admit she is, in fact, an autumn). 

My mom suggested making leggings for winter.  I suggested a short jacket.  I think she ended up buying enough to do both.  It’s pretty cute.

And then we got this:


Poly/cotton scrub fabric with kittens.  Since the Husband refuses to let me make scrubs out of this for him, I guess we’ll go back to the original plan which was to make pillow cases for the Evil Monkeys.  They will love them.


So much fabric (and not so cheap, either) but now I wish I had MOREMOREMOREMORE.  Uh.  More. 

Don’t you?


  1. There's no such thing as enough fabric. I always wish I had more

  2. I always wish I had more!! I am so jealous of your mommy-funded trip to Golden d'Or!! I must get there before we leave TX. This is a GREAT haul!

  3. Nice fabric haul! It's fun to dream of all the things you're going to make. (However, I must say, I'm more partial to colors intended for pasty-white-blond people.)

  4. Nice haul! Fabric, time, weight loss, we always could use more! OK, we always WANT more! I'm coveting the black with sequined border length, sequins are great on stage, even for the DOOM! hey, they're black..... Can't wait to see some of this stuff in action!

    Big in Japan

  5. Looks like you scored some great finds. Love the black sequin lawn you found and the kids fabrics are really unique with the velour dots. Looks like a fun, fun, fun, day.

  6. I am so jealous of the red lawn and the black, OMG the black!!

    heh. My word ver is peril. Your new fabrics would be in peril if I lived any closer.

  7. I'm jealous too! These fabrics are gorgeous!

  8. What a nice mom you have. The fabrics are great---can't wait to see what you create.

  9. Great fabrics. I can't wait to see the creations they turn into.

  10. Not.seething.with.jealousy.not.seething.with.jealousy......really.not....truly.not.....
    Oh who am I kidding? I want them all, you lucky, lucky cow.


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