Sunday, June 6, 2010

Genii R Us

I finally have had a chance to get to some sewing this week.  I really just can not tell you how much I hate May.  But now it’s June and we’re all ready for summer to start--  oh wait.  It’s been over 100 degrees for the past week.  I guess summer started a while ago.

In any case, I finally got around to looking at my custom-drafted t-shirt pattern ala Cal Patch’s Weird Custom Drafting Book, a.k.a. Design-It-Yourself Clothes.  Which I wrote about in this post.  To recap, after some serious fitting adjustments I basically ended up with a sloper with side bust darts.  And that’s where I left it.

This week I picked up that pattern and decided that I would try adding some wearing ease (not present in the final pattern), some adjustments for my hunchback (always present on my body) and see what happened (usually a nerve-wracking experience).

What happened is I created the perfect t-shirt.  No.  Really.  It’s perfect.  I am a flippin’ genius and you must bow down and worship the ground I, uh, sew on.

Don’t believe me?  Fine.  Be like that.

Here’s the final (blurry) result, in which I added a more scooped neckline and left the bust dart in place. T-shirt-draft-1-front

I  used a light-weight poly knit of some mysterious type which I bought from Emma One Sock about four years ago.  It is awesome.  Here’s a more color-appropriate swatch:


Here’s the (burry) side view and the (blurry) back view.


OK, so it’s maybe slightly too loose around the middle.  I wasn’t sure how the fabric would hang and I didn’t want it to be clingy.  I could take it in a quarter-inch on both sides probably.

And OK, it was really hard to get a good picture on my own (but significantly easier than trying to get The Husband to understand what qualifies as a “good” picture). 

So you might not, in fact, be able to appreciate my genius sufficiently.  But trust me when I say that this top is the best-fitting and most flattering top I’ve owned in a while.  Plus, because I have the darts in place, I can now move those around into gathers or pleats or whatever and make about a bajillion different styles.

Genius, I tell you.  And now I’ll have time to do some more.  I love June.

The month of June.  Not, you know, June Cleaver.  Although she could wear a mean pearl choker while, you know, baking cookies. Or whatever.


Right.  So when I Googled “June Cleaver” this is what I got:


Plus, this:






I think “yummy” pretty much covers it.  I don’t know who this woman is that’s posting this stuff, but I loooove her.  She is my new hero.  Clearly, she is a genius. 

Takes one to know one.


  1. LOVE the top!! The fabric is awesome and the fit looks great. You could probably take it in a smidge in the waist, but I think it has a swingy tunic look as it is that is really flattering. I like.

    Now I'm off to Google "June Cleaver".

  2. Your new top works - it's nice and it fits. Yay!

  3. I think you messed up your camera settings. Your head is in most of these pictures.

    Now THAT was genius. COMIC GENIUS! :D

    ps. cute shirt.

    pps...wet dude is taken. muwahahahaaa word ver is tooksbnb. Tooks Bed & Breakfast? Sounds Irish.

  4. Well, you got a good fit and now think of all the things you can make with it. Even if you think it could be taken in at the waist, it's better that than too fitted. Now you have a better gauge for next time.

  5. Bowing-down-as-ordered-MA'AM! I am completely and unequivocally IMPRESSED! Great fit, want-it fabric (as in, I'd have nicked it from your stash if I knew you in the real world) and brilliant result! So of course we won't be hearing any more whining from you ever again about not having nicely fitting tops will we?

    (My word verification is bleckpit. Um, I've been there I thnk)

  6. p.s. What seems like genius to others is just normal for Minnesotans...hehehe.

  7. Awesome t shirt - PLUS triple word score for NOT getting a rose centered anywhere awkward.
    What on earth is bearded guy holding? Looks scary. Who knew June was in the NRA

  8. Bravo! The back view clearly (ok, blurrily) shows how awesomely this top fits through the arms/sleeves. Definitely genius ranking.

    Big in Japan

  9. Great top, you are in fact a genius!

    Your comment about husbands and fashion pics made me laugh.
    Mine actually took multiple GOOD photos today, a first, and a happy miracle that I hope will be repeated.

  10. We are not worthy!

    Congratulations. The pain of the wadders fades into distant memory in the face of one that WORKS. Go on, make another one!!

    June is(n't) bustin out all over.


  11. Tremendous! It fits so beautifully - I am bowing down as I type. And great pattern placement, too.

  12. Congratulations on your top! And yes, non-sewing people are USELESS for photos.


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