Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Always Said, “It’s All About Me.”

Judy tagged me (me! me! me!) for one of those talk-about-yourself thingies.  Since she’s so nice (and I love nothing so much as expounding about myself), I have graciously agreed to participate.

Yeah.  It was a real struggle.

1.  Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking the most about lately?

This question presumes a lot, most notably that I actually think about my sewing beforehand and don't just jump in willy-nilly like a deranged butcher waving a cleaver.  But if I were to think ahead, I would have to say that the thing most often floating around at the back of my mind is: tunics.  I have always (and I mean always) been a tunic kind of girl. And this summer I'm hoping to get a few fitted and made up in cotton lawn (you know, before it's winter again... which is probably asking too much).

The other presumption made by this question is that patterns are the pre-eminent focus of my sewing.  Which they are not.  I am a fabric-lover of the highest order.  I. Love. Textiles.  Sewing is just a convenient excuse to continue purchasing fabric.  I firmly believe industrialized society has grievously lost something essential by no longer wearing textiles that have been ornately hand-embellished.  If I could, I would wear clothing that was completely and unabashedly textile-driven, like for instance saris.  Nine flippin' yards of gorgeous fabric for one garment?  That you just drape around you?? Sign me up.

Unfortunately, I also firmly believe that a) it’s rude to appropriate other people’s cultures for  your own personal benefit and b) sari's are not a good look for me.  To reconcile myself, I'm currently scouring the web for (relatively) cheap sari and border-print fabric to make myself some... tunics.

2.  What's the one place that you want to visit that you've never been before?

The year 2167.

3.   How do you relax?

I do not relax.  Ever.  I am an extremely anxious person.  Relaxing doesn't really figure in. 

Well, I'm closest to relaxed when I'm reading a book.  I love love love to read.

4.   What is your favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday as in "a sanctioned day of rest and/or observation" or my favorite holiday as in "we went on a trip somewhere"? 


January 13 - International Skeptics Day.


5.   What is one sewing skill you want to learn/try out?


6.   Can you knit? crochet? other crafting talents?

I can:

anything else that is sewing with a needle and embroidery thread
quilt (hand quilting)
quilt (piecing)
bead (jewelry)
paint (in all fairness, this is my former profession)
draw (ditto)
sculpt (if forced under threat of life and limb)
book binding
pottery (if it was the only thing standing between me and certain doom)

Here's what I can't do (yet):

quilling (not sure why I'd want to)
stained glass
small engine repair

7. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?

My glasses.

8.  How much time do you spend reading blogs? (per day or week)

Way too much.  I like a good procrastination.

9.  Your motto/mantra?

Hmmm.... I would like to say it's "Do unto others as you would have done unto you."  But probably "Doh!" is more accurate.

I’m supposed to tag some people (I forget how many) but I think everyone I would tag has already been tagged. Maybe.  I have to think about that… If I have more time tomorrow I’ll post some tags.


  1. Come on, you can't do small engine repair?? What kind of slacker are you?

    Holy amazing, Batman! I admit to extreme sympathy with regard to your sari feelings. When we lived in Houston, I always wanted to buy one, but I'm such a white girl... Well, you know. My Indian friends all said I should, but there was the whiteness I just couldn't get past. They are so graceful and pretty, and sigh, the fabrics...

    My word ver is "suari" How did they know?

  2. The year 2167? Now that's new.

    Should I be paranoid that I keep seeing these on blogs and everyone says "everyone I would tag has already been tagged..." but I haven't been tagged? I'm so unappreciated.

    Wait. That's YOUR pessimism. Sheesh. You're rubbing off again.

  3. Thanks for playing! Now I wish I'd thought of travelling in time. I obviously hadn't been watching Dr Who the day I did my questions. And I want to see evidence of your other crafts too. Come on, show off! You know you want to.....

  4. Well, I said I can do all those things. I didn't say I actually did do all those things. Or at least, some not for a very very very long time. Here's another piece of info about me: I'm not sentimental. I frequently just discard things I've made (or as is more often the case, half-make). I have a short attention span and I don't get easily attached to stuff. Between that and moving frequently, I doubt I even have any examples of any of those handcrafts around. I do know there's one small quilt at my mom's that I made about 15 years ago as a gift for her so that still exists. Maybe I'll find it and take a picture. It's pretty ok.


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