Monday, May 23, 2011


Lately I've been suffering from Virtual Ennui. It's a terrible condition whereby the afflicted wanders aimlessly and fruitlessly around the interwebs looking for something to provide interest... something, anything... anything at all....

Now, I'm not what you'd call a big follower of fashion. I don't subscribe to any fashion magazines and I'm clearly not fashionable myself. But when you have Virtual Ennui, what can you do?  There's only one solution: This is always good for a dose of Pretty Shoes For Everyone (If You Have $1200), a shot of Glamorous Famous People You've Never Heard Of and a very healthy serving of WTF Is She Wearing soup. They also have the weekly "10 Best Dressed" in which you get to vote for the Best Dressed. Vote, people. OMG is that not the best?

So I open up several pages of 10 Best Dressed and TLo, using her amazing Fashion Finding superpowers, instantly comes barreling in from the other side of the house like a Prada bloodhound on crack. (No really. She just knows.  She has Fashion Radar.  It's kinda creepy.)  Needless to say, when she discovered that you can VOTE (she's just as aware of how awesome this is as anyone), she of course had to pick her favorites.

And here's where it gets really scary. Every single one she picked was the overall favorite of the general readership.  Every.  Single.  Time.  She's 9 for 9 so far.

I can see where having a seven-year-old who's more fashionable than I am can only lead to Bad Things in the next decade.

I was going to say, "At least I have The Big One, who's unlikely to ever out-fashion me."  Except that this week is "Free Dress" week at school. She just flounced in wearing her black ruffle-miniskirt, black t-shirt, black knee-highs and black maryjanes, looking for all the world like a beatnik French schoolgirl, and announced "I am too wearing this. It's my fashion."



  1. Oh thank God I didn't have a girl. Someone knew I couldn't handle it. Maybe you could pull off wearing the latest in Beatnick French schoolgirl too.

  2. beanie, you are IN for it. i think your days of tunic sewing are over. les fashionistas are going to be requiring flat felled seams and french darts very soon.

    "hushie": ruggy told oona to hushie when she cackled while reading about beanie's woes.

  3. I want to come over and mindlessly surf the interwebs at your house!

  4. And to think that this is only the beginning...

  5. Haha!

    The past few months we've entered the terrifying zone where Tyo has started raiding my closet. Particularly disturbing is a sparkly red dress (from my last bridesmaid stint) that looks considerably better on her than it ever did on me.

    The future is bleak, my friend, bleak.

  6. Maybe y'all should take The Smiths and The Cure out of your ipod shuffle for a while.

  7. @ Laura: Amen, sister. ('Course, I hate the Smiths with a passion unto obsession and I'm sorta "meh" about the Cure.... although that is the first BIG concert I ever went to... with Big In Japan, no less.... ah... memories...)

  8. I think I, too, must have been a fashion forward child. Everything I was wearing then is vintage now. I was so ahead of my time! Good luck keeping up with your kids.


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