Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pssssst. Hey. Buddy. C’mere…

Just thought I’d point out that I added a new page to the “FAQ” and “About Beangirl” list: “The Cast Of Characters”.

In case you were wondering who everyone is.  I sort of was.  Now I know.

And in related news: Facebook “share” button (as seen below).  Good?   Bad?  You like it?  (ha ha.)  I can’t decide.


No, I am not stalling on writing about sewing. 




Who asked you, anyway?


  1. Are you stalling about writing? or the actual sewing?

    'Cause it's the actual sewing for me. I'm half-way through writing a post about why I don't sew more!

  2. i've never seen a picture of you sewing.

    i do not believe you actually engage in this activity.

    YEAH my word verificiation is SUCTI!

  3. Before I comment, a completely hypothetical question. How violently is Beangirl likely to react to officious readers who point out spelling errors in blog posts celebrating Beangirl's impressive vocabulary? "About Beangirl" does not make this clear. Timidly inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I've yet to use the checkboxes. It's not that I think they're bad, or good, it's just that I've usually got more to say and do so here, in the comments. Sorry, I haven't got anything more witty to say about it.

  5. SON OF A !@%$&*#&!ING !*#@*&$*!!#!


    Beangirl never said she could spell any of the words she knows. Merely that she knows them.

    Oh hey! Blogger has spellcheck.

    Ok. Spelling errors fixed. (In theory.) Awesome!

  6. Hey, didn't I just comment on this very same post yesterday? And yet, here I am, the first poster, again? By reading your blog, have I entered the Twilight Zone?

  7. Apparently Blogger finally "found" the missing blog posts from yesterday, but couldn't find all the comments and forms that went with them.

    Which is sort of a shame, since you now miss KC's (perfectly reasonable) comment and my subsequent temper tantrum.

    Oh well.

  8. Although I would totally love to be responsible for personally creating the Twilight Zone. That would be most excellent.

    Word Verification? "torytot"... a very conservative toddler.

  9. You forgot something under the FAQ section. How did you end up with the Beangirl nickname? Eat too many beans? What?


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