Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Which I Learn The Same Life Lesson For The Fifth Time In A Row

Actually, the same two life lessons.  I'm a little slow on the uptake.

The first lesson is "I just should not be allowed to take my own picture.  Ever."  Unless I really am:

a) perpetually out of focus and poorly lit


b) An asylum escapee with no chin


c) Astonishingly irritated with everything and everyone, super-duper crabby and looking like a wrinkly old bat


Ok fine. Item C isn't totally outside the bounds of possibility.  But still.

The second lesson is one that I just can't seem to wrap my head around no matter how much I remind myself.  Namely "I should always wait a day or two before I decide whether or not a garment really is as disastrous as I think it is".  Because on Sunday when I finished the neckline on this tunic I was seriously disturbed by the fit, the finish and the general look of it.  Distraught, practically.  But today when I tried it on to show you all just how disastrous it was, I discovered that it's not nearly as bad as I remembered.  It’s not great, but just possibly not the first sign of the apocalypse.

So I guess I'll finish the sleeves after all.

Oh, this is what the fabric actually looks like, it's really royal blue not black.  The hem band on the inside is a lavender linen with weird white roses painted on it.


edit: The one advantage to photos, even these horrid ones, is that I get a better sense of how something fits… or rather, how something looks like it fits.  In this case, would you say that this is too big starting, oh, pretty much at the armscye and working down?  I’m inclined to say it could be taken in just a tiny smidge.  Which is totally fascinating, since I made a way smaller size at the hip than my measurements call for.  Um.  Like you’ve never heard that before, right?  What is the deal with that??

edit the seconde: Re: the camera being up high—in fact, it was sitting at pretty much the same height as my husband’s head or in other words where he would hold the camera were I to allow him to attempt taking my photo.  He’s short(ish) for a guy so it’s not especially high relative to how people on the street might see me. 

I am very, very short. 

I’m thinking of investing in a tripod.  I used to own a tripod but I have absolutely not one clue what’s happened to it.  Probably wherever my film camera is (you know, those things people used to take pictures with?).


  1. That is some cute fabric (and I love the sleeves). I have such a love-hate relationship with tunics...

    I would love to see it belted, too! (or are you a non-belter like me? They never look good on me but seem to flatter everyone else...)

  2. Apparently you have not caught all the photos I've done on my blog or you wouldn't be feeling so bad about yours. It is a tough job, esp without a really good SLR digital camera, tripod, remote, or fabulous semi-professional photographer. Give yourself a break! A big one. You're doing quite alright.

  3. Cute tunic! Love the blue ginko leaf print.

    I can't take a decent pic of myself, either. Or so I believe. If my pics are accurate and realistic please just shoot me now.

  4. Super cute tunic!
    And I'm definitely not seeing wrinkly old bat.
    Self portraits are so not fun. I make dh do them before he leaves for work in the morning. He's finally getting semi trained, but the number of out of focus, weird and wacky pictures he takes is amazing.

  5. I say continue with the self-portraits, but only as long as you also continue with the witty captions. Really, though, you're your own worst critic - you and your new tunic are cute!

  6. It's super cute and the fabric is great. My first assessment of a garment is often very different from what I think later, after I've worn it a while.

  7. Asylum escapee, definitely. An asylum where they dole out stylin' tunics as standard uniforms?

    This is great fabric and I agree that the fit on top looks good but it looks a bit roomy as you move on down. I don't know the pattern, is it perhaps just designed that way? Does this have something to do with your ongoing shrinkage?

    My tunic is ostensibly finished, but I managed to make one (of only three) buttonholes .5 cm smaller than the others. There is now a button crisis as well as a crisis of self-doubt. Oh yeah, sewing is great.

    Are you going to take this is just a bit?

  8. I feel your pain on the self portrait thing. I've tried it, failed miserably, and finally just gave up. But you are so fun about it, so I think most of us would be sad if you quit taking pictures and then mocking them. :-)

  9. Cute tunic and your pictures aren't THAT bad - there's a reason why there are no picture son me - I'm horrible at self portraits! The tunic does look a bit roomy - but maybe it is supposed to be? It's all what you think, after all. No one wants a tight tunic.

  10. Clearly not an apocalypse-bearing tunic. You old bat.

    (But I would take it in a smidge.)

  11. I put my camera 4 steps up and set the self timer, and expect to take 6 million pictures to get one that's not appalling. 'Nuff said on self portraits.

    I thought the tunic looked too big in the waist, but your camera's up a little high, so I couldn't be certain. I do love the fabric, and I think with a wee bit of resizing it would be something you love. Or at least not something you'd want to throw out the window.

  12. I like it! 'nuf said.

    okay - it does looks slightly big around your hips, but you also don't want it skin tight. It's definately wearable as it is. Finish the sleeves and take the next version in.

    And honestly - your self portiats look better than the photos my hubby takes. g

  13. word verification: infursh.

    "at first glance, beangirl was certain she was infursh, but upon greater reflection, realized she was infash."


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