Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garçons de Beastie


"Got To Do It Like This, Like Chachi And Joanie
'Cuz She's The Cheese And I'm The Macaroni."

Seriously. That is some excellent song writing there.*

One of the problems with being a so-called GenX'r (bleh), is that our iPod is only about 50% kid-friendly. If that. (Of course, the definition of "kid friendly" can be somewhat fluid as well... for instance, despite an absolute lack of any significantly offensive lyrics, The Husband is of the opinion that "Firework", or for that matter any Katy Perry song, is not Kid Appropriate. Or, indeed, Human Appropriate.)

So when the Husband decided to buy the latest Beastie Boys single.... well, you know: BLOCKED.

Or rather, it should be blocked. Instead what we do is wait for an inappropriate song to come on and then make a sort of mad, arms-flailing, cartoon-slow-motion-craziness dash across the room for the remote, so as to click it forward a song Before It's Too Late.  Because with over 4500 songs on the 'Pod, I just can't be bothered to go through each and every one and label it "Ok For Kids".

I'm a bad mom, right?

New Beastie Boys movie/video is here: VIDEO. Totally inappropriate if you are A) easily offended by language, B) easily offended by mindless vandalism/illegal actions/general stupidity or C) easily offended by bodily fluids. Totally hilarious if you are A) a 40 year old man.  Mildly entertaining for everyone else.

Just thought I'd share.

I couldn't be bothered to write about the blouse I'm working on.


*In the interest of not being totally and pointlessly offensive to a large portion of the general readership, I won't quote the rest of the lyrics from "Get It Together"... although it is an excellent song.  If you're going retro with the tunes and you don't have "Ill Communication" you could do worse.  Just saying.  Also, slightly depressed that an album I bought when it came out is “going retro”.  But there you have it.


  1. Oh, how I remember those sweet, fleeting years when the kids were old enough to be shocked by offensive lyrics but not old enough to think we were the ones needing protection. Enjoy!

  2. The first couple years I was in Japan I would often hear smooth hip/hop and rap with extremely graphic and hardcore language, in English, while wandering through a design-centered department store. It was the background shopping music! Of course 99% of the folks around me had no idea what they were hearing. For me there was just such a disconnect between what I was hearing and where I was hearing it. I haven't noticed it lately though. It's either gone out of style or I've become numb.

  3. Ah... Reminds me of the time we were driving along when Tyo was about, oh, three, and all of a sudden she starts singing along to Marilyn Manson... Warms your heart, really. They don't like Nine Inch Nails, though.

    We do have conversations about the differences between "ok in songs" and "ok in real life".

    I won't even start on the movies and video games... ;)

  4. The Evil Monkeys are especially fond of Led Zeppelin, which totally warms their dad's heart, if nothing else. Also liking the Metallica, I believe. And, sadly, the Beastie Boys. (Hence the dive-bomb for the remote fairly often.)

  5. That video is F****** AWESOME! Susan Sarandon rocks that bad wig and the giant glasses.

    I think flying for the remote control should be part of everyone's work out regime. Of course fifteen years ago we didn't have ipods but the CD player on shuffle would usually find something inappropriate like Nine Inch Nails.

    It could be worse, you could let them have cheetos and a coke for lunch while they watch The Young And The Restless everyday during summer vacation like we did.


    that was, like, we are the world for the beastie boys, only with all white people.

    the album covers my parents had were way worse than any explicit lyrics. santana, anyone?

  7. My younger sister's first song at about 2 was 'Jose Cuervo, You are a Friend of Mine'... My parents never edited or screened anything we came across.

  8. That was so worth 30 minutes of my child free time this afternoon! Cause yanno the trouble with Gen Y or ZZZZZZ or whatever we are up to now is that they take themselves way too seriously!!!
    My kids will be banned from listening to anything produced after 1998. At the moment early Prince is my 4 year olds preference for some boogie action and I think that is entirely appropriate!

  9. If it's not appropriate for my kids, it's not appropriate for me either...problem solved.


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