Friday, May 27, 2011

School’s Out For Summer

Today was the much-anticipated last day of school.   The Evil Monkeys have been beside  themselves waiting to have some summer fun.  I’m slightly more, shall we say, ambivalent.

As of RIGHT NOW (7:17 pm) it is:


When’s the first day of summer again?  Because if the last day of school is ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES AT SEVEN P.M., I really really don’t want to be here when it’s actually summer.


On the upside, I think I just sweated off five extra pounds simply having dinner on the poolside patio at my parents’ country club.  Which totally makes up for having to, y’know, have dinner on a poolside patio at a country club. When it’s ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES OUTSIDE.


‘Course, it snowed last night at my sister’s place.  I guess it could be worse.  Maybe.

What’s your weather like today?


  1. Today's high was almost 90 degrees with 70% humidity. Its going to be some variation of that all week, probably with humidity there or higher. I'm about ready to sew a bunch of loose cotton/silk dresses for the summer and call it quits. UG. (also, my hair hates me)

  2. I went to get my oil changed and it was so frigging hot in the car I thought my legs might melt inside my jeans. And I was probably 20 degrees off your 108. Yikes. You could cut the humidity with a knife!

  3. Holy crap! Shouldn't you have been dining IN the pool at your parents' country club? With one of those inflatable drink trays close at hand? Or an actual "wet bar", you know, in the pool?

    We here in Japan have begun the annual tradition of RAINY SEASON, about 2 weeks early. Everything is, and will continue to be, soggy and probably festering with mold.... and radiation....

  4. Don't brag! It's 13 degrees Celsius here (what is that in Fahrenheit, 50 degrees??) And it's raining again. So depressing.

  5. Today was BEEEEUUUUUUTIFUL here! But, yesterday we had a hail storm with hail the size of golf balls and wind that was unreal. You never know what we'll have here in SE TN!

  6. well, I will say that at least the humidity blew away from yesterday (apparently up to Angie A's place). So that makes it not so unbearable ("it's a DRY heat").

    As for conversions: 13 C = 55 F and 108 F = 42 C. For all those who insist on following the madness of, y'know, a logical 10-base gradient system like metric temperature. Weirdos.

  7. My weather was remarkably like yours! Ugh. 2 more weeks...

    Word ver: mysfire. You can't make that up.

  8. If it doesn't get warm here soon, we're not going to get more than 3 months of non-winter!

    I do feel bad about your poolside dinner. You poor thing. You might feel better if you hopped on I-35 and drove north for a couple of hours...

  9. I think today's high was about 40 F. Maybe 45. It's been raining all week. We are not cut out for this. I had to go buy an umbrella... I haven't had one for two years. I have no rain boots at all.

    I hope we get a summer this year. Last year barely counted. It only broke 90F like once. That is not summer in my books.

    (psychologically I rely on the unpleasant heat of summer to prepare myself for facing the Canadian winter. Not having a hot summer messes with my head.)

  10. My phone claims it's 14 degrees outside. I am convinced it's lying. It is very chilly here. And showery. (I can't do fahrenheit I'm afraid - I'm one of those metric-obsessed weirdoes! AKA a 40-something Britisher)

  11. The girls and I are in Fort Worth visiting my husband on his job - it's not only in the 100's but there is also tons of lovely concrete to radiate the heat back up!

    I will not complain though - not after snow two winters ago!!!!

  12. I think Big in Japan wins the "My weather is worse than yours!" contest, as radiation trumps humidity and snow in summer. Here in Michigan, we've decided to stop teaching the 3 R's, and teach Ark Building instead. Rain, rain, and more rain!


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