Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Which I Can’t Sew, So Here’s Something Else

You know that outdated medieval belief that if goodness is beautiful, beauty must reflect goodness?  I don’t give it much credence (not being beautiful myself) but on the other hand:

 penicillium slide from FCCJ.org

The miracle of penicillin.  It makes me happy. 

I guess those crazy medieval people were on to something with their moldy bread too.  I clearly don’t give enough credit to medieval people.

And while you’re here, check this out. 

go to Nikon Small World Gallery online

It is, as AngieA. would say, “the DOG”. 

There are two things in this world I love:  really really really close-up photos of things and really really really far-away photos of things.  Of course, they’re the same thing when you come down to it.

go to Nasa.gov gallery online

Maybe those medieval nuts were right.  All the world is a beautiful place.  Or it could be the codeine talking.


  1. That second one is very cellular - cross section of skeletal muscle? It's been a lotta years since my last histology class!

    Way cool post, codiene or not.

  2. aha! see? It's a satellite view of a desert from NASA! Coolio, no?

  3. haha!! That absotootly qualifies as theDog!

    bwhahaa!! My word ver is "listist". Prophetic.


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