Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why Do People Keep Saying “White Christmas” Like It’s A Good Thing?

Seriously.  “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”?  Please stop singing that.

December-24-2009-001the view out our front door at 10 a.m. December 24, 2009

December-24-2009-002 the view to the right of our front porch, 10 a.m. December 24, 2009

This is what it looked like when it started snowing.   It snowed until 5:00 p.m.

Now, it is true that I grew up in Minnesota and North Dakota and I have seen my fair share of snow.  But the thing is, when you live in Minnesota and North Dakota you own stuff.  Stuff like snow shovels and snow suits and winter-friggin’-boots.  When you live in Texas you own sandals.  (OK fine, we have other shoes besides sandals, but they are hardly any  more snow-appropriate and might as well be sandals for all they keep your feet snow-free.) 

It is so not fun to live in Texas when Mother Nature suddenly decides it would be hilariously funny to dump 10 inches (TEN INCHES) of snow on you.  Trust me.  Not fun.

Saying that, the girls did have fun playing in the snow…  in between the bouts of hysterically screaming “MY HANDS ARE FREEZING MY TOES ARE FREEZING MY LEGS ARE FREEZING WAAAHHH”.  They even managed to go out on Christmas Day and play.snow-day-photomontage In a sort of loop of irony, because the girls have so few long pants we have definitely contributed to the greenhouse effect by drying and drying and drying loads of snow-soaked clothes.  We probably retroactively caused this snowstorm in the first place.   No really.  I firmly believe in that sort of circular time.  See, when I was high-school I devised this theory of time as being a sort of helix and… no wait.  Come back! Don’t leave!  (Actually, the real irony is that I off-the-cuff developed this theory to explain something or other that was totally stupid and then about ten years later read some article in a quasi-scientific magazine -because I don’t read real scientific magazines-  that some fancy-dancy physicist or other had hypothesized just this theory about time being a helix.  I really just don’t ever get the credit I deserve.)

So, the girls got to see their first “real” snow which made them extremely happy.  They also got “the best presents EVER!” from Santa (that Santa, he’s clever) so all-in-all their Christmas was pretty darn good. 

Mrs. Santa got several nice presents herself, especially when you consider that Grandma and Grandpa Claus are underwriting the Claus household next year while Santa goes back to nursing school, so Mrs. Claus was pleasantly surprised to receive the Threads “Every Edition Ever Created (until 2009)” DVD, which because she’s got the plague (again) she has not had a chance to crack open yet.  But still, neato!  She also got several books she’d put off buying (like Sarah Vowel’s “The Wordy Shipmates”) plus some iTunes and Amazon gift cards and several other nice things.  And to top it off, her sister-in-law (The Anti-Pam) supposedly bought her a '’gift card for fabric” and although this gift card hasn’t actually arrived yet (and Mrs. Claus does not count her chickens before they hatch), this does firmly put The Anti-Pam pretty high up on the Relatives We Like list.


I still think the constant singing of “White Christmas” and “Let It Snow” is annoying.  But then, I would.  I’m just like that.


  1. How exciting you're going to attend nursing school. I'm absolutely green with envy about that Threads DVD set. I know you're not happy with the snow, but this is a Christmas the girls are going to remember forever and talk about the rest of their lives. How cool is that?

  2. I'd have gladly shared some of that snow with you. Dunedin had the national high for NZ on Christmas Day and it was HOT! Kinda like Texans and snow shovels, Dunedinites are much better equipped to deal with cold weather than heatwaves.

    There's a standing joke in our family that when you postulate a theory, or business idea, it percolates out through the ether until someone else picks it up and gets all the credit.

  3. Wow!! We aren't even that far from you and we just got flurries on Christmas Eve - nothing stuck. Still we've been wicked cold and totally unprepared for it. I feel a small percentage of your pain. And I'm drooling over the Threads DVD. Nice!

  4. Very nice that your DH is returning to nursing school. The grandparents and Anti-Pam know your number. It was -13C and snowing here all the way UP to Christmas, but then it went above freezing and started melting on Christmas Day. Anyway, it was my first white Christmas in a decade, and I grew up in Michigan... looks like your girls were thrilled (albeit chilled) and will remember it for a lifetime.

  5. Your girls look super cute in their improvised snow gear! The Christmas fleece is getting a workout.

    That's some incredible weather, wow. It snows about once a year here in Nagoya, and if it amounts to anything beyond a few flakes, panic breaks loose because just like in Texas, no one has any stuff. Snow removal stuff, snow appropriate attire, snow driving skills....people don't even understand what I mean when I talk about such absurdities as "letting the car warm up" and "scraping the windshield". (hey, was that misappropriation of quotation marks or acceptable?) One of the most clever or hilarious things I witnessed a couple years back when we had a few inches of snow that lasted a day or two, was the dude from the event center/concert hall down the street using a long-handled window squeegee to push snow off the sidewalk. The postal delivery guys on scooters with tire chains were entertaining as well. Oh, and due to previous experience, I kicked ass in the snowball throwing.

    Hope yer feeling better.

    Big in Japan


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