Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Revelations and Resolutions… auf Deutsch, even!

So today several things came together for me, mentally speaking, in a culmination of... well, I suppose you could say of mental coming-togetherness.

See, lately I have made several resolutions that I haven't really been even trying to keep up with (barring the one I posted here last week about being nice to my kids so they live in a happy cheerful world of color and pixie dust yadda-yadda-yadda). 

Here, I'll break it down for you, my resolutions so far:

1) Loose some weight.  No really.  Some weight.  A pound.  Three ounces.  Something.

2) "Be cute everyday" (as mentioned recently, I took this from The Slapdash Sewist's lovely post of the same topic).

3) Use up some of my ridiculously, nay obnoxiously large fabric stash.

4) Stop buying patterns that I won't ever, no not ever, use... and that includes Burda World of Fashion (or whatever it's called now).  Use the patterns you already have, for Pete's sake!  Or at least don't buy a new pattern until two patterns have been used in the stash.

You're smart, gentle readers.  You can see where this is all heading.  Yes.  Clothes-making.

I haven't really made a garment for myself (that I wear) in almost two years.  I also haven't purchased any garments intended for the bottom half of my body in at least two years and probably more like three.  If you'll refer to Resolution #1 above, you'll also note that I am not what you would call a Slim Person.  Which makes wear-and-tear on my clothing an issue. To put it bluntly, the inner thighs on all my bottom-half clothes (because I really only own jeans) are completely worn to shreds.  In some cases literally shreds, as in there are now holes that show places to the general public that I don't really want to them to see.  Shreds.  Tatters. Rags.  I'd say I look like a homeless person, but actually that's kind of insulting to the homeless people I see around here (who obviously all make good use of the mission's used-clothing supply-- and good for them!).

I've been putting it off, for lots of reasons, but I really just can't go on much longer with the clothes I have.  Which means one of two things: I either buy some more clothes, which is depressing and difficult, or I make some more clothes which is depressing and difficult but in a different way.  Basically, I have to choose which depressing-and-difficult I want to endure.  That's where Resolution #3 and #4 come in.  If I make my own clothes at least I'll get rid of fabric that I already paid for and achieve one or two of my resolutions.  Which would be a first, let me tell you.

Ok, so that's the long and somewhat boring back story to my "today several things came together for me" revelation (see above).  Because today I was sort of shopping around on the new German-language BurdaStyle website, as the English-language one is all bajiggity.  If they ever get their acts together (see The Selfish Seamstress' nicely coherent rant on this subject here), I think the new English site will be nice too.  I like the updated slideshow feature that allows you to see all the photos, all the line drawings and all the model shots at once.  Neato!

Now I’ll be the first to tell you, I don't speak or read German well.  Unless the good people at BurdaStyle have decided to make a fashion section about Emil and his sick dog, I'm pretty much out of the loop.  (Word up to Big In Japan, whose mom taught me how to say way too much about Emil and his sick dog.  And that yellow pencil that seemed to get around an awful lot.)

So with a definite lack of sick dogs or yellow pencils to be found, I was able to navigate my way to the Plus Fashion section (by virtue of it being labeled "Plus Fashion").  And then I saw this.

BWOF 1-2010 136 hose

Now, I know I just spent ten minutes boring you to tears regarding my inner-thigh issues.  But really, do they have to rub it in?

On the other hand, this would in fact be pretty practical for me, right?


I guess I have to get this issue too.  Or just start sewing weird thigh-rubbing-prevention patches on my clothes.  Apparently I can now say it’s “witty”.  Which is I’m sure what the BurdaStyle people will say.


  1. Girl, you clearly remember a lot more from Mom's class than I do! These days if I start speaking German, a few sentences later it has been garbled into Japanese. Don't forget, I continued studying German throughout university!

    I feel yer pain on the jeans, my legs aren't particularly slim and I get around on bicycle so the inner thigh area is usually the first to wear out. I experimented with patching, but even with cool fabric it just seemed to point out the fact that "hey I burst through the thigh seams of my jeans". That pattern may be practical I'm not so sure about it, it kinda seems like riding britches gone wrong. Just my two yen.

    Happy holidays and a raised fist to your resolutions!

    Big in Japan

  2. You can do it!! I do sympathize about the depressing and difficult aspect of sewing and buying. Why can't it be easy to sew grown-up clothes, like it is to sew kids clothes!?!

    I like the simplicity of that design. If course, the Burda fashion photo is impossible, but I imagine that in a matching fabric with contrast topstitching that patch would be very cool.

  3. Ahh yes....I have all of your problems! I have figured out though, that those inner leg frays and holes really can't be seen, because those inner thighs don't part! HA! :) I am looking forward to reading your sewing adventures in the new year! Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas Kristine! And I have the same issue with buying clothes when not at a size I'm happy with. Hey, I read that flat-felled seams and a long isosoles (sp?) triangle of fusible interfacing will extend the life of inner thigh pants. Any why not a skirt?

  5. I am so going for skirts in the new year. Definitely!

  6. Hahaha!! I heart you. I don't know about Emil, but meine hundchen heissen Oscar. Or something like that.

    All good with me too, especially Trena's awesome Look Cute post. I reread that post aLOT. I even think about it before I leave the house.

    Oh, but I can't give up BWOF. I live in the middle of NOWHERE. The people in my BWOF (or whatever its called) are sometimes the only fashionably dressed, intelligent (seeming) people I see for the month. Seriously.

    hehe, word ver: Fulsa. For when you're really pissed at T-Town, a shortened version of F'ing Tulsa!


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