Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Big One and The Little One

Ok, so here's the scoop on TBo and TLo (which now totally sounds like they were on American Gladiators). 

We tend to call them "The Big One" and "The Little One" because quite frankly we just can't be bothered to keep track of their real names.   Particularly when screeching things at them like "DO NOT PUT THAT IN THE TOILET DO YOU HEAR ME DO NOT" and "STOP LICKING YOUR SISTER NO STOP LICKING THAT CHAIR JUST STOP LICKING THINGS NO I MEAN IT RIGHT THIS MINUTE".  We tend to pick them out based on size.  Which seems like a reasonable proposal.  Except that it's not so much, anymore.  Because used to be, back in the day, that The Big One being a year older was, well, bigger.  Taller.  Larger around in every capacity.  The Little One being a year younger was smaller, shorter, littler.  You're catching my drift. 

But at the beginning of the year The Little One suddenly had a rather dramatic metabolism change.  Precipitated by remission of her arthritis or getting her tonsils out or just plain bad genetic luck… we're not sure.  She's still shorter, no doubt about it, but she's also a lot wider.  Broader.  Uh -ahem- rounder.  The Big One on the other hand seems determined to just get taller and taller without actually gaining any weight, which means she just gets narrower and narrower and narrower.  So now The Big One, whilst being taller, actually wears several sizes smaller than The Little One who is, of course, shorter.

I just don't understand why my husband finds it so difficult to keep track of their clothes.

So to keep the cast list in order:

The Big One: she's the 6-year-old blonde.  She wears about a RTW size 4 lengthened to a RTW size 6 (i.e. about a 98 cm width pattern cut at a 116 cm length).


The Little One (TLo): she's the 5-year-old redhead.  She wears about a RTW 7 shortened to a RTW 4-5 (i.e. about a 116 cm width pattern at about a 98 cm length).


Put them together, you'd have one average-sized child who could purchase her clothes from an actual store.


  1. And people wonder why we sew...

  2. Awwww! You have such beautiful girls. Guessing your husband has fair hair to make such cuties with your lovely brunette tresses. I'm sorry to hear that TLo had recent health problems, but glad to hear they're getting better. S'pose you've heard this enough times to make you rolf, but both of your girls will more than likely grow out of this stage. DB and I both went through short and fluffy stages to be slim at 18.

  3. Ha. That would be nice and I certainly hope so. However, the people on both sides of my family have serious genetic weight issues (which have to be genetic because even back in the day when people ate healthily and not fried-sugar-and-fat like now, my ancestors were pudgy people. It's 1500 years of selective breeding for famine survival, I suspect. Anyway, I hope TLo grows out of it, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Fortunately TLo is the extrovert of the family, so she's resilient and pretty confident in herself.

    And thanks, we're very very pleased with TLo's remission which we're hoping lasts a really really long time! She's doing great!


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