Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blatant Promotional Activity. Not For Me, Of Course. For Someone Else.

So you probably already know that I love Ottobre Design Magazine.  I mean, not only do they provide excellent design and drafting, very helpful production instructions and totally adorable photo shoots, but they are also (as far as I can tell) Just Plain Nice People.  As an example: I had occasion to write to them a few months ago regarding a suggestion for their blog and got a very personable response from Tuula the next day.  Seriously, the very next day.  Just. Plain. Nice.  This totally appeals to my Minnesota Niceness.

Now I know I’m hardly the first person to say exactly these things about the good people at Ottobre and I certainly doubt I’ll be the last.  But I thought I’d also let you know of a lovely thing that happened just now whilst I was madly avoiding work by shopping--- er… I mean idly perusing the interwebs in my spare moments:

I just started a subscription to Ottobre Woman (I’ve been getting the kids’ magazine for about 4 years) because I dropped BWOF/BS and thought the OW designs seemed more practical (in that I might actually make and wear them).  As the start of my subscription I got the latest issue, 2-2011, which is nice but has an uncomfortably large (from my perspective) number of sleeveless garments in it.  Thus, I’m in the middle of working out how to add sleeves to a sleeves garment. 

“But I want to make some sleeved shirts nooooooow”, whined the voice in my head.  Fine.  Whiney-crabbypants in my head is irritating, so I decided to go through the back issues and see what I could see.  What I saw was issue 5-2010 and I liked what I saw.  Into the shopping cart it went.  I figured at €7.80 it was a bargain…. if you compare it to my $88/year BS subscription, from which I made one garment last year.  For a child.

But here’s the good part: when I clicked on “Place Order”?   I spy with my little eye a checkbox offering me free shipping on back-issues.  Simply because I already have an existing subscription.  Seriously?  Free shipping?  Even international? AMAZING!

Fine.  It’s not that exciting.  But I just think it’s one of those little things that makes their customer service oh-so very nice.  And I’m passing the info on to you.  Buy some back-issues.  Make some pretty clothes.  Live it up!  Free shipping, people.

I love those crazy Finns.


  1. Love this about Ottobre! Although it makes me feel like I should order back issues all the time. After all, free shipping is practically free!

  2. With the free shipping, those back issues are an extremely good deal if you think $ per pattern. And I've sewn hundreds of Ottobre garments (mostly kids').

    Good deal all around.

    Translated into Minnesotan that would be, "Not too bad a deal, eh?"

  3. You know what's even better? A real-life friend in the same city who has a subscription to OW and it had maternity patterns when I really really needed them. (Although I did have to do maternity alterations to their maternity patterns, but that wasn't their fault!)

    I should get my own subscription. You are such an enabler. Ottobre should be paying you.

  4. Well, you know I'm down with the cause, new subscriber and all. I too had the most pleasant customer service experience with them. When I placed my order, I mistook the issue-numbering system. After I realized my gaffe, I sent an email, and yep, the next day a very nice reply came from one of the Ottobre ladies and even wished my "many happy sewing moments with Ottobre.." and told me my issue had been shipped that day. Nice. I'm going to try and hold off on any back issues until I receive (and try) my first issue. Sensible, no?

  5. I know, I love the free shipping choice for current subscribers, but WOW! Even for subscribers outside of Europe! I've never heard of such a deal on either side of the pond.

    Good luck with making OW styles. I dropped my OW subscription last year due to said free shipping because I haven't made anything from their issues yet.


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